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Fatigue with muscle aches -- immune-activation?

Discussion in 'Post-Exertional Malaise, Fatigue, and Crashes' started by outdamnspot, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. outdamnspot

    outdamnspot Senior Member

    I've just started a probiotic regime, incl. Miyarisan. I wasn't noticing much at 2 tabs a day, so upped to 3 last night and woke up today feeling flu-ish and malaised, which I've experienced before.

    However, I also have a deep aching in both my of legs; it feels like I've just run a marathon or been to the gym .. I've never had this symptom before, and pain isn't a feature of my illness (despite being bedridden).

    I'm taking most of these symptoms as a good sign, but was just curious about the muscle aching.. has anyone had this before as part of increased immune activity or 'die off' or whatever? All of the trigger points in my thighs also feel very tender.
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  2. Old Bones

    Old Bones Senior Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if the muscle aches you describe are caused by immune activation. I'm basing this on my husband's reaction to the flu shot. For a month afterwards, he had migrating aches and pains throughout his body and felt quite unwell, although not flu-like. His symptoms seemed more autoimmune, and were severe enough for us to question whether in future he should risk the flu rather than have another flu shot. We attributed his reactions to heightened immune activation caused by the adjuvant used in the vaccine.

    "Adjuvants in immunology are often used to modify or augment the effects of a vaccine by stimulating the immune system to respond to the vaccine more vigorously, . . ."
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  3. Lissyleigh


    I get these sorts of aches a lot and they were particularly severe during the acute phase of my illness. I have always believed my immune is activated and that's why I get these aches as well as other immune related symptoms such as sore throat, sneezing, fluey malaise etc, mainly on exertion these days.
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  4. Sidney

    Sidney Senior Member

    SF Bay Area, USA
    I've always heard that ME affects many, or all, systems, certainly including immunological.

    I too get that ache, and also a horrible wobbly feeling in legs. I'm afraid I deal with it with Tramadol. It works for me.

    It is, as @outdamnspot says: 'as though I've just run a marathon'. Also like outdamnspot, I do not have pain, despite being largely bedridden.

    Who knows...
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