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Extremely High Selenium/Iodine Levels In Hair?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Changexpert, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Changexpert

    Changexpert Senior Member

    My hair elements test result came back today and I am just amazed at the result.

    Selenium and iodine levels were through the roof. Iodine was 28 ug/g (0.25-1.8) and selenium was 31 ug/g (0.7-1.2). This definitely explains why my hair loss has never stopped. I have not been supplementing AT ALL with iodine or selenium for past 3 months.

    As expected, aluminum and mercury levels were high as well, which would contribute to gut dysbiosis and sulfur sensitivity I have. Also, my lithium level was undetectable, so I might benefit from taking lithium (need to do more research on this).

    I am just clueless where the selenium and iodine came from. I have not been eating seafood recently or any nuts, especially Brazilian nuts. None of my supplements contain iodine anymore. I did take Centrum Adult Multivitamin that contains 150 mcg of iodine, but that's same as recommended daily value. The last time I tried one drop of Lugol's solution was back in September, almost 7 months ago. I do have hypothyroid currently, which would partially explain elevated levels of iodine, but not selenium.

    I can definitely see why my hair loss never refused to stop for past few months. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to treat this condition. Please let me know if you have suggestions or studies that would direct me to right path. Thanks in advance!
  2. MCRobbie

    MCRobbie Senior Member

    That is a fascinating result though I don't know enough about hair analysis to know how unusual your test result levels are. I had the thought that maybe you have some high bromide toxicity such as chlorine, fluorine, which can displace iodine and selenium in the thyroid gland by attaching to the thyroid receptors in place of iodine. It might make sense that you are hypothyroid because the iodine and selenium you do have in your body are not getting into the gland and attaching to receptors and are instead getting pushed out of the way by 'something" going on in your thyroid. It sounds like some strange inability of your body and or thyroid to use selenium iodine effectively. So its not so much that you have toxic levels, its that there is some inability of your body to use them and they are being pushed out into other places. Both iodine and selenium are necessary for proper thyroid function. If you have optimal amounts in your body/tissue and youre eating enough carbs your thyroid should be functioning more normally. Worth investigating I think but no suggestions as to where to turn.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
  3. Lou

    Lou Senior Member

    southeast US
    Using Selsum Blue shampoo could explain high selenium. If you take much of the products that use seaweed, Red Algae for example, this may contribute to excess iodine. Hope you soon find something that helps.
  4. Gondwanaland

    Gondwanaland Senior Member

    Lack of B12 or poor B12 absorption or methylation can cause iodine waste. At least I think that is what happened to me.

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