ME/CFS and the Change of Seasons: How Does This Affect You?
The advent of autumn can hit Jody Smith pretty hard. She's learned a few ways to lessen the damage every year. How do you handle the change of seasons?
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Exploring a new mechanism of action for MS drugs

Discussion in 'Multiple Sclerosis' started by daisybell, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. daisybell

    daisybell Senior Member

    New Zealand
    Jusr read a short article on Medscape which I thought might be of interest, and perhaps relevant to ME??

    It's about CPT1 which is a molecule expressed on the mitochondrial membrane that is involved in the transport of lipids over the mitochondrial membrane where they are metabolized in the Kreb cycle. The hypothesis is that MS may be due to a downstream effect of an underlying lipid metabolism problem that is presumably genetic.
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