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Experience or data: Is HPV vx OK for us?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by HowToEscape?, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. HowToEscape?

    HowToEscape? Senior Member

    There is now more data about HPV; it turns out to increase one's risk of head and dramatically, and that about 3/4 of such cancers are caused by HPV. The vax now covers more strains of that virus, so it seems like a great way to scratch one thing that can go very wrong in the future.

    The catch tho is that my doc (a famous ME/CF specialist) recommends against it for his patients, he say he's seen reactions. One of the few indications against getting a vaccine is a malfunctioning immune system, which most of us appear to have. I've insisted on getting the flu vax in nearly every year since I've gotten sick, it was in one of the two years I didn't get the shot that I got a nagging, dragging flu-ish thing that set me back for months.

    So it's pretty obvious that at least the flu vax works for me. I don't have enough background to know if there's some fundamental difference between the annual flu vax and the HPV item, the only data point I have is that my doc has seen other ME/CF patients in his practice have reactions. I'd happily trade week or three of discomfort (if that's what's involved) in exchange for not catching a chronic, carcinogenic virus. OTOH, if it means a 5 year crash, I'll pass.

    Anyone have hard information on this? Please, no wailing about precious bodily fluids, toxxinss!! etc, there are other threads for that.

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