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ENG Scintography

Discussion in 'Hypersensitivity and Intolerance' started by john66, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. john66

    john66 Senior Member

    Hi Everyone, have not posted in a while, but have a question. I played golf (more like rode in the cart for a few hours) to see some freinds that I rarely see, this happens once every ten years or so. At the end of the day, I noticed that I the volume on everything has been turned up. New GP doesnt want to touch me, refers to ENT, MRI of the brain turns up nothing. Yesterday, I had this test called an ENG, where they blow hot and cold air into your ears to provoke dizziness and test vestibular function. Has anyone had this, or symptoms like it?

    Everything is way too loud and there is constant ear ringing, makes CFS unbearable.
  2. minkeygirl

    minkeygirl But I Look So Good.

    Left Coast

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