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Energy Vs Pain SeeSaw

Discussion in 'Pain and Inflammation' started by ChrisD, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. ChrisD

    ChrisD Senior Member

    East Sussex
    After having Fibromyalgia for more than a year (Even though it has been better with diet and supps), before and after the onset of my more severe CFS, I have noticed that if I am to have strong Fibro symptoms, then I will have more energy. But if I have no Fibromyalgia, then I don't have any energy at all.

    I have read that this could be to do with Lactic acidosis. Does anyone else experience this?

    Also I have noticed that I can wake up in the morning and feel Okay, if I get up at that moment then I won't have fatigue or pain to the degree that if I just lie there for five minutes, so much malaise comes on, and nerve pain throughout my arms and hands and key areas like shoulders/hips. It's so bizarre!

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