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Energy saving tips for keeping clean

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Rosa Amor, May 10, 2018.

  1. Rosa Amor

    Rosa Amor

    I've been struggling with washing my hair recently, partly because it takes some energy (though not loads) and partly because I have new carers who are are still getting to grips with washing it. It's true I went for three years without washing it but now I find it gets greasy and itchy after a week especially in this hot weather. I'm bedridden and use a bed tray which is very easy to use when you know how. I wash it around nine-ten days.

    I'd really appreciate some simple tips on keeping hair clean though. I've tried wet combing but it didn't get rid of the dandruff or dry off properly afterwards. Any other energy saving tips on personal hygiene would be helpful as well

    Thanks for any suggestions

    Rosa <3
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  2. CreativeB

    CreativeB Senior Member

    Could you get a hairdresser to do a home visit?
  3. Judee

    Judee Senior Member

    I use a free and clear dishwashing liquid like Seventh Generation and wash twice each washing. Then I skip all conditioners and styling aids (gels, mousse, hairspray, etc) because they leave an additional coating on the hair which only makes it feel dirty sooner.

    Doing it this way, my hair will usually stay clean for about 5-7 days.

    Make sure your care providers rinse very well after each washing. Any residue left behind will make your scalp itch plus make it feel that much dirtier later on.

    I use the dish liquid because it removes all the excess oils very well and has no conditioning element which could add extra coatings. I use the free and clear version because I cannot take fragrance but you could use a essential oil version if you don't react to smells. Seventh Generation Clementine and Lemon Grass version smells wonderful. I think they also have a lavender version.

    And yeah, my hair is a bit dry but not really any drier than it always used to be, I think because I am not washing it as much as I used to. Also your hair will be extra fluffy/fuzzy for about 12-24 hours after the wash but seems to smooth down after that.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Rosa Amor

    Rosa Amor

    Thank you for all the suggestions :).

    Thank you for your reply @CreativeB but I think a hairdresser would be too stressful for me ATM.

    The dishwashing liquid is an interesting idea @Judee and the recommendation not to use conditioner. I do always insist they rinse my hair very thoroughly and I use a little conditioner but I have had trouble in the past with it getting stuck to my hair making it itch so maybe I'll try without

    I'd still appreciate any other tips for personal hygiene like washing and brushing teeth? Also any good dry shampoo or something similar?
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  5. CFS_for_19_years

    CFS_for_19_years Hoarder of biscuits

    I found that dry shampoos only give you another day or two before deciding you really have to wash.

    It's been a year now since I shaved my hair off. I'd do it again except for vanity. When it was at its shortest length I could sit in the tub and use a washcloth heavily soaked in water to rinse off after shampooing and conditioning.

    Since my hair is curly/wavy it doesn't sit flat on my scalp. I tried seeing how long I could go without a bath and it was 30-35 days. If your hair is straight it will come in contact with your scalp and tend to get dirty faster.
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  6. Judee

    Judee Senior Member

    Teeth--A friend fell and broke her hand so I bought her a battery operated toothbrush that spins. She said that was very helpful because she didn't have to move her hand/arm as much.

    Also, if you can only manage to brush 1x per day do it before bed. I think the worse damage gets done overnight because if I brush some other time during the day, my gums still get inflamed by morning. I also try to floss at least 2-3x per week. I can only manage to get to the dentist about once every 5-6 years and each time I do, both the dentist and his hygienist say I'm doing a great job so this routine seems to be working but I do brush very thoroughly each time.

    Dry shampoos--I have an old bottle of Clairol Psssssst aerosol spray that I haven't used in years because the ingredients are rather irritating to someone with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) but back then if I had to go somewhere and couldn't wash my hair first, I would lightly spray some in my hair. (Best to do outside or in the garage so as not to smell up the house.) Move the bottle as you do or it sprays all in one spot.

    It really did make the hair look cleaner once I combed it in. It seemed to work by absorbing or disguising the oily sheen. I see they still have a version on Amazon but if you are aluminum or fragrance sensitive like I am you'll still have to wash it out soon afterwards. It made my scalp burn and itch horribly after a few hours. (So it's only temporary solution, I would say.:()

    I don't know if the Amazon version is the same. Like I said though, it's been years since I've used it. I've gotten to the point that I just go with oily hair if I have too. :grumpy:

    I have heard some people try oatmeal flour or talcum powder and then comb it all out. I tried the powder but that was a mess and made it much worse.

    Anyway, hope that is helpful.

    ***Edit: I just looked at some of the other aerosol dry shampoos on Amazon. Some of them use other things besides the aluminum. Batiste uses rice powder instead. That might be better and healthier to use.***
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  7. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Try using 1 tablespoon of vinegar on hair for one minute for conditioner (you can mix this with a little water). Then you dont have to worry if you dont get it all washed out well and it does a great job and will not leave residue on your hair at all.

    the smell of the vinegar quickly goes
  8. Eneia


    London, UK
    I stopped washing my hair with shampoo about 4 years ago. I only do what is called co-washing, which is washing with hair conditioner only, with a silicon-free conditioner (to avoid build-up that would require a cleansing shampoo).
    I had to do it as my hair started looking greasy 2 days after a wash.
    Hair looks healthy on dry side, when before it looked really dry (apart from roots looking greasy quickly obv).
    Hair grows much longer without breaking
    Hair takes much longer before becoming itchy.
    I feel my hair is dirty after a week (because of society expectations and pollution, I walk a lot), but it doesn’t look dirty/no greasy roots for at least 3 weeks (it’s the longest I went without washing lately) apart from behind my pony tail as there is more contact/moisture with scalp.

    Ways to prevent itchiness:
    Most washes start with applying raw apple cider vinegar to scalp (using my cod liver oil syringe ;-D) and leaving for some time. It regularised drandruff issues after several months/years, can’t remember. And if removes any potential greasy area.

    Away from washes, I would advise you to try rosemary water, I bought a Weleda lotion that was amazing, before I ever did the cowashing. It stopped the itchiness, the greasiness, for a couple of days and hair looked cleaner. You can do that a few times iirc, before hair looks dirty, and I bet much longer if all you want is to remove itchiness, and you don’t care about looks.

    Regular body wash: the French used to use a terry towel glove to wash before showers were in all houses. I wet it, put a drop of organic shower gel on one side and wash smelly areas, turn it around in same movement to rinse, and I’m done. We don’t need to wash everything every day, esp with soap, as it’s bad for skin oil. Euceryn does a nice shower oil actually, if you want to completely avoid any risk of dryness. It’s prob close to hospital wash, but I thought I’d remind the moderate and light cases among us of the option.
    Also my shower is: wet hands, put soap on, apply soap, start shower to rinse immediately. Takes me 2 minutes max. I wash my hair separately usually not on same day.

    Teeth: milk or cheese apparently protect teeths, so eat some before bed if you can’t brush.
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