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Embracing Change - ME and the International Classification of Diseases

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising Articles' started by Phoenix Rising Team, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Dx Revision Watch

    Dx Revision Watch Suzy Chapman Owner of Dx Revision Watch

    Last December, I submitted a request via the Proposals Mechanism for the insertion of Exclusions under Fatigue for the following ICD-10 legacy terms: Postviral fatigue syndrome; (Benign) myalgic encephalomyelitis; Chronic fatigue syndrome.

    fatigue syndrome postviral was already inherited from ICD-10, as an exclusion.

    If you are registered with the Beta draft, you can view that proposal, here. Terms in blue text are requests for additions under Exclusions:


    If you are not able to view this page, here is a screenshot from part of that page, showing the lower half of the list of Exclusions. Since December, these proposals to insert the three terms as Exclusions under Fatigue were marked as status "Submitted."

    Following my phone call with Dr Jakob, the status was changed to the blue code, which means

    "WHO: WHO team is studying the proposal. Editing the proposal is not allowed."

    This means that I can't make further edits to this specific proposal. (But I or others could make new proposals.)
    Dr Jakob also left the Comment: "work on this topic is ongoing."

    What the significance of this activity within the Fatigue section might be is unclear.



  2. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    Thanks for all your work Suzy. Inspirational to see the impact of one person really specialising and working away over the years, and I think it's likely that your oversight will have made it much harder for them to get away with too much on ME/CFS. Just having the higher-ups knowing that they have an outsider rigorously keeping an eye on things is going to have been really valuable.
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  3. Dx Revision Watch

    Dx Revision Watch Suzy Chapman Owner of Dx Revision Watch

    Here's a new ICD Revision Training video on using the Proposals Mechanism:

    Video training for the Proposals Mechanism platform: Enhance the current ICD-11 content by submitting your proposal


    (http://apps.who.int/classifications/icd11/trainingvideos/Proposals video/4. Proposals video.html)


    Further Training Videos:


    Getting Started
    The first two videos include a solid introduction to the Browser. You will learn how to explore the classification and how to register for an account to get the most out of the ICD-11 Browser and the tools around it.

    1. Welcome to the ICD-11 Browser
      In this video, we're going to review some of the browser’s features and explore the ways of searching for an entity in ICD-11. You do not need to be signed in/have an account in ICD-11 Browser in order to view the classification
      [​IMG] Click for the video

    2. Registering
      If you do not have an account in the ICD-11 Beta Browser, this video will show you the steps to register and create your profile. Having a user account is important to access many of the features such as commenting, proposals, notifications, etc.
      [​IMG] Click for the video
    Contributing to the ICD-11 development
    Now that you have learned the basics of navigating the classification, it is time to start contributing to the development of ICD-11. This block of videos will introduce you to the user interactive activities of the ICD-11 Browser.

    1. Commenting
      This video will teach you how to comment to the existing content of the ICD entities
      [​IMG] Click for the video

    2. Proposal Mechanism
      The Proposals Mechanism is a more advanced way of contributing. After watching this video you will know how to submit proposals with suggested changes to the classification’s content or the hierarchy.
      [​IMG] Click for the video
    More Videos
    1. Visualizations in the Browser (to be published)
    2. Notifications (to be published)
    3. Translation Tool (to be published)
    4. Mapping Tool (to be published)
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