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Dr. Teitelbaum's Free Teleseminar w/ Dr. Steven Park

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by SDD1244, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. SDD1244

    SDD1244 Guest

  2. Aftermath

    Aftermath Guest

    As many of us concluded on another thread, Dr. Teitelbaum is all about the money.

    I'm sure that something in the seminar will lead to suggestion of buying his products or services.

    Sorry, but I'll pass.
  3. SDD1244

    SDD1244 Guest


    I actually agree with you. I do like Dr. Park (he frequently posts in MedHelp), so that is why I posted it. As far as Teitelbaum is concerned, I do not like the way he describes "fatigue" when speaking about CFS. He speaks of general fatigue in his interviews and it is upsetting to me... especially since he has (?) CFS.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Senior Member

    Los Angeles, USA
    I am only in partial agreement with others here regarding Teitelbaum. I think there is much good information in his book. Many of the suggestions he makes are in line with what patients advise each other. Some people have had good luck using his brand of supplements.

    But then there is the way he promotes himself and our illness. It's a complete turnoff. His use of the word "fatigue" in place of CFS is insulting. He uses information articles as soapboxes for self promotion. He comes of as if it's more about him, and less about the patients.

    So there is good and bad. And I guess the thing to do is take the best and leave the rest.

  5. George

    George Guest

    humm "world renown" huh, how does one know if you are "world renown"?
  6. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    It's not even correct grammar:

    World renown: a noun, eg. "A person of world renown".
    World renowned: adjective, eg. "A world renowned person".

    But from one definition of world renowned as "Widely known and acclaimed", I would say that probably the first is true and the second debatable.
  7. fresh_eyes

    fresh_eyes happy to be here

    mountains of north carolina
    So is fabulous, like, even better than "fantstic!" ? :D

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