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Dr. Rosamund Vallings' book on CFS - where to buy?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Boule de feu, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Boule de feu

    Boule de feu Senior Member

    Ottawa, Canada
    Hi, everyone.
    I haven't been around for a little while but I thought I was going to give you an update on my health.

    It seems that just as I was feeling a bit better (May 16), my dentist found a mild chronic infection under a root canal I had done many years ago. He had to redo the root canal and gave me Clindamycin to get rid of the infection. Surprisingly, the antibiotics made me feel a bit better. It also coincided with my vitamin D and iron levels getting back to what they should be. I was happy with my new health and things seemed fine until I reacted to a laundry detergent I had used. My son had forgotten to rinse it two more times, and the contact of my underwear onto my skin gave me a really bad reaction. It took me a while to realize what was happening, and by the time I figured it out, it was too late.
    On may 26, I ended up with an infection which turned out to be Candida :-(
    I believe the allergic reaction triggered the Candida. I'm pretty sure the antibiotics had already caused the yeast to multiply.
    Not knowing what was going on, I waited a long time thinking I would get better.
    June 11 - I had an emergency appointment with my GP who gave me the bad news: I have systemic candidiasis.

    I am so sick now. I feel like I am not going to get back on my feet. It seems that I have relapsed big time.

    My spirits are a bit low and I am trying to find a way to cheer up. I thought Dr. Vallings' book would do the trick. Have you read it? What did you think? Where can I get a copy? I live in Canada.

    Thanks for your help,
  2. Jacque

    Jacque Senior Member

    USA - California
    So sorry to hear about your troubles...but Candida is really something you can get under control in time and is a problem for ALL of us with compromised immune systems... It will just take you a little time.. Did he put you on Diflukan?

    I have had my struggles too after getting worse with the Rituxan...which has prob caused Candida to get worse which may explain my extreme bladder issues now...

    Anyhow I don't know how open you are to things...but I am pretty down on poision medicine right now...and I have a $500 Rife machine which I have run the Candida settings on before and 2 days later have white poo... soooo i KNOW it works...

    I have made the decision to buy a much better Rife machine.. Just ordered it today. Google BCX Ultra ... there are Candida stories on there... They are $2,700. I have made the decision to go this route bc all the drugs for the Lyme etc make me soooooooooooo sick ... I will herx with the BCX too but it will be something I can control...and then run the detox settings...

    I just thought I would drop you a line bc it sounds like you are feeling hopeless... and I KNOW a Rife machine of some sort would really help you... No doubt in my mind.. I bought my machine from Judy Erwin...she is VERY knowledable and worth a call see what kind of results.. she has gotten... I can't remember her site .. I think it is or org? It all makes sooo much more sense to me than drugs...

    Just something you might want to check out...

    good Luck

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