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Dr. Robert J. Suhadolnik, HIV and cfs researcher died

Discussion in 'In Memory of ...' started by Denise, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Denise

    Denise Senior Member

  2. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

    I don't know much about his work, but it looks like he was a dedicated man, from the link posted above. The discoveries he made in CFS were in 1997 - 22 years ago, and still people are arguing about it being a 'real' illness.

    Thanks for the work you did Robert, and may you rest in peace x
  3. shannah

    shannah Senior Member

    From the article

    "In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, the researchers discovered a defective enzyme in their white blood cells. At one time, the ailment, which causes disabling exhaustion and flulike symptoms, was thought to be linked to depression and was considered a mental illness - a view superseded by the research of Dr. Suhadolnik and others.

    "Something new is going on in chronic fatigue syndrome," Dr. Suhadolnik testified before Congress in May 1997. "RNASE L [an enzyme] was overactive, unlike anything we had ever seen before.

    "We have had another surprise - we have seen a new form of RNase L, a smaller form of RNase L - in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    "It is tempting to speculate that the presence and activity of the new form of RNase L correlates with the severity of clinical symptoms in people with [the disease]," he told the representatives.

    Dr. Suhadolnik eventually patented a biological marker for chronic fatigue syndrome that was licensed through Temple to RED Laboratories of Belgium."

  4. Daffodil

    Daffodil Senior Member

    Dr. Suhadolnik was a very kind and compassionate man. I used to speak to him early on in my illness at his lab at Temple. He did so much for our illness to be taken seriously.

    May he rest in peace:)
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  5. valentinelynx

    valentinelynx Senior Member

    I remember hearing him speak at, I think it was the AACFS conference in San Francisco in 1996. I remember thinking how promising the research field was looking. Shocking to think that was almost 20 years now.

    Wish I could find the actual program for the conference. I did find this tentative schedule from an announcement for it. Amazing to review the names and topics and see how little has changed. I don't think Suhadolnik is on the tentative schedule - his research was just being released at this time, so his presentation was big, breaking news.

    From "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Electronic Newsletter
    No. 57 April 30, 1996 Washington DC":

    >>>1. October CFS medical conference in San Francisco

    The American Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (AACFS) will
    hold a major medical conference on CFS research and clinical issues
    during October 13-17, 1996 in San Francisco. The articles below
    contain a tentative schedule of conference events, the conference
    registration form, and AACFS membership information.

    >>>2. Tentative conference schedule

    The following is a tentative schedule of the five days of conference
    events. It is subject to many changes, and is shown here only to
    give a sense of the intended breadth of the conference. A revised
    schedule will appear in a future edition of CFS-NEWS, after the
    presenters have been chosen.

    Sunday, Oct. 13

    Special Session: Satellite Symposium in
    Conjunction with American College of Nutrition
    Panel Discussion: Controversies in the
    Nutritional Management of CFS


    AACFS Scientific Program Opens

    Opening Remarks: Paul Levine, MD; Mark Demitrack, MD
    Keynote Address: TBA

    Scientific Session I - Epidemiology
    Co-chairs: Paul Levine, MD; Andrew Lloyd, MD
    Plenary Address -- New insights into the Epidemiology
    of CFS: Andrew Lloyd, MD
    [Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

    Scientific Poster Sessions - Moderated Exhibit of
    Selected Scientific Studies
    Co-Chairs: Dharam V. Ablashi, DVM; Murray Gardner, MD

    Discussion Breakout Groups: TBA

    Monday, Oct. 14

    Scientific Session II - Interdisciplinary Studies
    Co-Chairs: Mark Demitrack, MD; Iris Bell, MD
    Plenary Address - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and
    Clinical Ecology: Iris Bell, MD
    [Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

    Luncheon Workshops
    1: Immunology
    Co-Chairs: Nancy Klimas,MD; Jay A. Levy, MD
    2: The Quest for Homogeneity in the Case Definition
    Chair: Benjamin Natelson, MD

    Scientific Session III - Microbiology and Immunology
    Co-Chairs: Jay Levy, MD; Theresa Whiteside, MD
    Plenary address: TBA

    [Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

    Scientific Poster Sessions
    Co-Chairs: Dharam Ablashi, DVM; Murray Gardner, MD

    Discussion Breakout Groups: TBA

    Dinner Workshops
    3: International Clinical and Research Perspectives
    Co-Chairs: Paul H. Levine, MD;
    Kenny de Meirlier, MD
    4: NIH Research Grant Opportunities: Application and
    Review Process
    Chair: Marcel Pons, MD

    Tuesday, Oct.15

    Scientific Session IV - Physiology
    Co-Chairs: James Jones, MD; Peter Behan, MD
    Plenary Address: Muscle studies and
    Peter Behan, MD
    [Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

    Luncheon Workshops
    5: Environmental Toxicology
    Chair: Iris Bell, MD
    6: Neuropsychological Functioning in CFS
    Chair: John DeLuca , MD
    Karen Schmaling, PhD
    Paul Marshall, MD
    Jordan Grafman, MD

    Scientific Session V - Clinical Studies
    Co-Chairs: Dedra Buchwald, MD; Michael Sharpe, MD
    Plenary Address - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
    Implications for CFS:
    Michael Sharpe, MD
    [Presentations of peer-reviewed research]

    Speaker: David Spiegel, MD
    Interface of Mind and Body: Lessons learned
    from breast cancer patients regarding
    long-term outcomes and treatment strategies

    Sometime during the Research Conference there will be a talk by
    Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, MD on "Psychological Influence of
    Immunoendocrine Interactions", and by Ronald Glaser, MD on
    "Stress-associated Immune modulation: Implications for Health".


    AACFS Clinical Conference Opens

    Wednesday, Oct. 16

    Clinical Session I

    Welcoming Remarks: David S. Bell, MD

    Review of Research Conference: Anthony Komaroff, MD

    Overview of the Clinical Approach to CFS:
    Current Treatment Strategies in the US and Abroad
    Chair: Dedra Buchwald, MD
    Panel: Jonathan Rest, MD; Kenny DeMierlier, MD

    Q & A Session

    Clinical Session II

    Role of Psychotherapy and Psychotropics:
    Chair: Mark Demitrack, MD
    Panel: Michael Sharpe, MD; others TBA

    Gulf War Illness and CFS: speaker TBA

    Q & A Session

    Clinical Keynote Address: TBA

    Luncheon Workshops
    1: Doctor-to-doctor (MD's only)
    Co-chairs: Nancy Klimas, MD; Mark Loveless, MD
    2: The relationship between CFS and "chronic fatigue"
    Chair: Jonathan Rest, MD
    3: The CFS Experience
    Co-chairs: Patricia Fennell, CSW;
    Fred Friedberg, PhD
    Clinical Session III

    Rehabilitation Strategies - Panel Discussion
    Co-Chairs: Sue Ann Sisto, PhD;
    Gloria Furst, OTR/L, MPH
    Panel: TBA

    The Determination of Disability - Panel Discussion
    Co-Chairs: Daniel Peterson, MD; Peter Manu, MD
    Panel: Barry Make, MD; Thomas Lane, MD;
    Jordan Grafman, MD
    Discussants: Tom Gloss, MD; Marcia Scott, MD

    Q & A Sessions (Separate Areas for the speakers in
    the 2 sessions above. Extended timeframe for
    individual questions)

    AACFS Business Meeting


    Dinner Workshops
    4: Long-Term Prognosis of CFS
    Chair: Dedra Buchwald, MD
    5: Complementary Medicine and Nutritional
    Chair: Paul H. Levine, MD
    Panel: TBA

    Thursday, Oct. 17

    Clinical Session IV

    Silicone Implants and CFS: An Ongoing Controversy
    Henry Claman, MD

    Q & A Session

    Clinical Session V

    Autonomic Nervous System and Fibromyalgia,
    Neuroendocrine Abnormalities and Neurally Mediated
    Hypotension in CFS
    Panel: Daniel Clauw, MD; Peter Rowe, MD;
    Stanley Schwartz, MD

    Q & A Session

    CFS in Adolescents
    Co-chairs: David Bell, MD; James Jones, MD
    Panel: TBA

    Q & A Session

    Luncheon Workshops
    7: Cognitive Dysfunction - When to Evaluate?
    Panel: Daniel Peterson, MD; Jordan Grafman, MD
    8: Individual Case Review (MD's only)
    Panel of clinical experts

    Clinical Session VI

    Long-Term Patient Management
    Panel: Nancy Klimas, MD; Patricia Fennell, PhD;
    Michael Sharpe, MD; James Jones, MD

    Clinical Session VII

    Ask the Experts - Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Anthony L. Komaroff, MD
    Panel: TBA

    Concluding Remarks: David S. Bell, MD
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