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Dr. Mikovits Clears Up Conversation on Antiretroviral Success

Discussion in 'XMRV Testing, Treatment and Transmission' started by Cort, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    Dr. Deckoff supplied this post


  2. Ernie


    The facebook post about this conversation that supposedly took place came out months ago and was asked at that time to be removed as well. People should not be posting things they heard from someone else as it would be second hand information. Who really knows what was in a conversation or if took place. I would consider it inaccurate unless the actual person that had the conversation posted it. There are laws that pertain to the internet and people should be careful what they post.
  3. Jemal

    Jemal Senior Member

    I guess she's not making herself popular with the "establishment" with statements like that, but I love her for it. I also think she is right: if all the normal rules are followed, this disaster will become even greater. It's just very unfortunate she's losing credibility by doing this. We need more positive studies from other scientists, so that Judy and the WPI are not the single focus point for all the negative backlash.
  4. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    I agree Jemal. However, I don't think she is loosing credibility at this point. She is leading, hopefully some of the other researchers will get the "cue". Especially when one considers what we are dealing with from the other side. Dried spot garbage, or five "might be contamination" papers.

    In my mind the WPI has found it, and the Alter FDA/NIH has verified the WPI results with what appear to me(the layperson) to be more elaborate testing methods. I believe those two studies are enough when one takes into consideration the actions of the naysayers.

    I don't believe the negative dried blood spot tests or the five "might be contamination" papers for one minute.
  5. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    I don't think she's losing credibility at this point, but I think this approach will have cost them in the past. By now, anyone who'd let these sorts of things affect their judgment of the WPI would probably have already done so imo.

    Following the Alter study no-one would be able to use it as a reason to dismiss XMRV though, so I don't think it really matters.
  6. Navid

    Navid Senior Member

    popular w/the establishment

    No-one who works to bring about radical change is popular with the establishment:
    Jesus Christ
    Benjamin Franklin
    Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Paine
    Frederick Douglas
    Crazy Horse
    Sitting Bull
    Sojourner Truth
    Susan B. Anthony
    Lucretia Mott
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    Rosa Parks
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Malcom X
    The Black Panthers
    The Chicago 7
    Daniel Ellsberg
    Howard Zinn
    Noam Chomsky
    Cesar Chavez
    Larry Kramer/Act-Up.....

    Judy Mikovits and the WPI
    Alter and Lo

    the list goes on and on.

    if you get into the game of breaking long held government beliefs/paradigms, you better be ready for a struggle. And if you are a member of the class being oppressed/destroyed/left to die by the government paradigm you should stand by your "leader" through the good, the bad, the ugly in order to bring about change.

    Change, you know it don't come easy.
  7. Tia

    Tia Senior Member

    Still sounds hopefull though. Just sounds like it will take a bit longer than expected but personally I'm so thankful for the test coming and then a medication that I have no words. People shouldn't bother Judy with these small matters when she's doing the REAL work on everything.
  8. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    I think the take-home message here is that we should not publically disseminate the contents of our private conversations without approval of all participants in the discussion. This has to be particularly important for those who are trying to help us and are subject to a lot of unjust criticism. We don't need to make people like Dr M over-cautious about talking with us, or make their lives anymore difficult than they already are.

    A private conversation should be private.

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