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Dr. Mark Hyman - Anybody have a good response?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by CateK, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    xchocoholic -- Keep an eye on the Neuroimmune Institute at NOVA Southeastern University (Drs Klimas and Rey). The association with NOVA is bringing in connections with a broader range of medical fields. We may see more awareness of nutritional issues from them. :)
  2. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member


    Sounds great. But meanwhile, doctors like mine have been studying and working in this field for several years now and have a good idea what they're looking for. This info is very complicated and isn't something medical professionals can pick up in a weekend seminar.

    I wish there were some way to teach our traditional doctors this without interfering with their regular jobs. I can imagine how stressful it would be to try learning all this while working.

    And for better or worse, the data in this field is being updated as they learn more about these tests and about supplements themselves. For instance, the info on CoQ10 has changed just since I started seeing an integrative doctor. And my doctor knew from experience that I had to use antibiotics to kill my h pylori infection because she'd seen others try holistic treatments and fail.

    I'd love to be working in the medical field right now and be part of all this. TC ... x
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  3. Allyson


    Australia, Melbourne
    Yes I agree SOC
    i thought for 5years i was coeliac - so sure i did nt even get tested; then i did get tested and guess what - I wasn't coeliac at all ( genetic testig for this - not a biopsy - so 99 percent sure I was not coeliac as i did not have the gene)

    The specialist who was fantiastic thought is was lactose intolerant had IBs a- fructose intolerance including the gluten sensitivity that entails. ( this means i can eat small amounts of gluten with no ill efect)

    Back to square one Yes a coeliac whe abstains form all gluten will be symptom free, and that does not really happen with us with our paleo diets - it helps some but does not cure us of all our symptoms even if we stick to it rigidly

    and part of why it helps is that grains like lentils and chikcpeas and wheat exacerbate IBS - see the low FODMAPS diet which, when adhered too ( and lactose free if you are lactose intolerant) results in a total cessation of IBS symptoms. NOt ME symotms but IBS symptoms .That is, in eating lots of meat and fish you are eating fewer grains and other irritants, also you are getting lots of protein- essential for building connective tissue.


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