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Dr Kerr joins ESME ( European Society for ME) as Honorary Member +link to his work

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by leelaplay, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. leelaplay

    leelaplay member

    ESME European Society for ME posted this to co-cure today

    Dr Kerr joins ESME as Honorary Member

    The European Society for ME (ESME) is pleased to welcome Dr. Jonathan Kerr as an honorary member. Dr. Kerr is a much respected ME/CFS researcher. He has participated in many ME/CFS conferences, where he has presented important findings, especially concerning genomic subtypes in ME/CFS patients.

    He currently works at St. Georges University in London where he and his team are examining the role of XRMV in modulaton of NK cell cytotoxicity and NK cell gene abnormalities in ME/CFS patients and normal blood donors.

    He is also collaborating with the Whittemore Peterson Institute in a study to develop diagnostic biomarkers in order to predict response to immune modulating therapy and vaccines.

    In the past, Dr. Kerr has collaborated with The CFS Research Foundation and published important papers about Parvo B19 in ME/CFS, as well as groundbreaking work in genomic subtypes. See the list of publications here:

    Dr. Kerr is also a member of the American-based International Association of CFS/ME.

    ESME is proud to have Dr. Kerr on board because he personifies the spirit of openness and cooperation between scientists that ESME is striving for. Thank you Dr. Kerr for believing in us and for the important ME/CFS research you do.

    *To read about more of Dr. Kerrs research, please follow these links:*

    NIH Bets $1.6 Million on Continued ME/CFS Research by Drs. Mikovits & Kerr October 21, 2009 <http:///>

    Enterovirus infection of the stomach in chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis <http:///>

    Seven genomic subtypes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME): a detailed analysis of gene networks and clinical phenotypes <http:///>

    Antibody to parvovirus B19 nonstructural protein is associated with chronic arthralgia in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

    PD Dr. Liv Bode: Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany

    Prof. Dr. Med. Kenny De Meirleir: Free Univ. Of Brussels & Himmunitas, Brussels, Belgium

    Dr. Med. Derek Enlander: Mt. Sinai Medical Center; New York, USA; Ireland

    Dr. Med. Ana Garcia Quintana: Delphos Medical Center; Barcelona

    Prof. Dr. Hanns Ludwig: Free Univ. of Berlin; Berlin; Germany

    Prof. Dr. Med. Mria J. Molnr: Semmelweis University; Budapest; Hungary

    Prof. Dr. Bodil Norrild: Univ. of Aarhus & Copenhagen; Denmark

    Prof. Dr. Med. Ola Didrik Saugstad: Rikshospitalet Medical Center, Univ. of
    Oslo; WHO Advisor; Norway

    Prof. Dr. Med. Babill Stray-Pedersen: Univ. of Oslo; WHO Advisor; Norway

    Prof. Dr. Med. Umberto Tirelli: National Cancer Institute; Aviano; Italy

    The European Society for ME is a non-profit group, operated entirely by volunteers. You can support ESME with a donation by visiting:*<>

    Your donation will go directly to our goals of educating doctors and helping scientists to solve the puzzle of ME/CFS:*<>
  2. starryeyes

    starryeyes Senior Member

    Bay Area, California
    This is fantastic! I didn't realize that Dr. Kerr is in London. How perfect is that? ;)

  3. Min

    Min Guest

    That's great news.

    The UK's Medical research Council, that allocates taxpayers' money for research, has turned down grant applications for Dr Kerr's vital research into the genetics of M.E. on more than one occasion, whilst giving nearly 3 million to the Wessely school of thought's daft PACE and FINE trials.

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