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Dr Jamie in Hawaii, CHASE and treatment

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by jace, May 9, 2011.

  1. jace

    jace Off the fence


    I remember a forum signature that went something like "If I won an all-expenses paid holiday to Hawaii, I wouldn't be able to go" and indeed, just getting to the local high street is as much as many of us can aspire to.

    That's why it's so encouraging to hear that someone who was pretty severely affected is on the mend, to the extent of being able to go on holiday to Hawaii.

    Dr Jamie Deckoff-Jones's latest blog kicks off with a short explanation of why all the negative 0/0 papers we have seen so far are worthless, and goes on to share her regained health and holiday adventures.

    The only sad thing is that her daughter Ali is not doing as well, but no-one said that finding effective treatment for ME was going to be easy.

    Dr Jamie is the Clinical Director of the WPI - let's all help them win the Chase Giving contest, so that translational medicine can get going there and the wrinkles for treating different co-infections can be ironed out, in a proven, scientific manner.

    I'll be giving easy instructions on how to vote in the second round of Chase Giving, come the 19th, but maybe those of us who don't yet have a facebook account could think about opening one in readiness?

    1) Create a new free email account to use with facebook so there is no chance of compromising your existing email account. There are loads of suppliers, hotmail yahoo and gmail are the biggest.
    2) Create a Facebook page. You need a first name and a last name, but it does not have to be your real first and last name. If Facebook requires info you don't want to give, just make up a fictional answer. Just make sure you give a working email address, because they will verify that.

    If you are on a Mac, Safari hates facebook apps but Firefox works, if you enable third party cookies. Facebook apps is all I use Firefox for. If you haven't already, consider downloading Firefox in preparation for the 19th May and the second round start.

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