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Dosage Suggestions for DIY Electrolyte Drink?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by LozT, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. LozT



    I read this article by Dr Ben Lynch on the importance of Electrolytes

    He lists the important electrolytes and then offers a link to his own formula. However, I'd like to make my own drink based upon his list, so I was hoping for suggestions on dosage for each element of the drink and maybe ingredients that I've missed, I have some ideas, but eager to hear those of the forum;

    DIY Electrolyte Drink

    Magnesium Bisglycinate (400mg?)
    Potassium Bicarbonate (400mg?)
    Sodium Bicarbonate (1/4tsp?)
    Creatine Hydrochloride (3g?)
    D-Ribose (10g?)
    Niacin (?)
    Taurine (500mg?)
    Vitamin C (3000mg?)
    Whey (?)
    Cacao Powder (1tsp)

    Blended with 1 litre of water and 1 litre of Rice or Oat milk for a daily drink before breakfast and to supplement @Freddd's Methylation protocol.
  2. Richard7

    Richard7 Senior Member

    I am not is some steady ill state and find that my need for supplements changes.

    At the moment I am just having salt, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and tricalcium phosphate (which does not dissolve) mixed into cold teas, at the moment mostly herbal teas. Somtimes I add ribose. I drink several litres a day..

    But it depends on what you are after. I have found that a mixture of 3.5g salt 2.2 g potassium chloride 2g bicarbonate of soda with 12.5g of BCAAs or EAAs in a litre of water works well for PoTS. it is a rough amino acid based equivalent of Oral Rehydration Solution. When making these mixtures I usually added about .5 tsp inositol .3-.5 of a life extension foundation's 2-daily multivitamin capsule and 30-50mg b2.

    But these were just the things I seemed to need when I was having all of those aminos.

    I used aminos because they can be absorbed without further digestion and so do not need enzymes (an advantage over whey) and because they are absorbed via sodium dependent transporters.

    I have also had success using glycine as the amino acid between 1.5 and 3hrs after a meal which was supplemented with vitamin k2 (mk4) and lecithin. My aim here was to try to make sphingolipids. You may remember that sphingolipids where one of the biggest issues in Naviaux's 2016 paper.

    Well sphingolipids are made from serine that is usually (in healthy people) made from a glycolysis intermediate called glucose-6-phosphate. Serine can be made into glycine and glycine (which is cheaper than serine) can be made into serine.

    (Side note: glucose-6-phosphate is also fed into the pentose phosphate path to make ribose, and glucose-6-phosphate is also needed to make inositol)

    So my idea was to take glycine to use as glycine, because glycine is low in pwme/cfs; and to turn into serine because serine is low in pwme/cfs; and to be further converted into enanolamine and choline and phospholipids and sphingolipids and ceramides.

    The vitamin K2(mk4) made sense because it has been shown to stimulate the production of sphingolipids, and the lecithin seemed to make sense because it is phospholipids, I also take choline and inositol.

    Anyway I took quite a lot of glycine last week, had a number of days of that feeling of numb extremities and a few with the more extreme form where you are breathing normally but feel like you have asthma ( asthma without the wheezing or the struggle to breath, or that is my way of explaining it, there are posts around here that talk of air hunger that I think are the same thing).

    This is something I can also experience with the other amino mixes, or after eating.

    And now all I seem to want is lecithin, inositol, choline, b2 and multivitamins, vitamin k and the amino acid free electrolyte mix I mentioned at the top. I am also having bone stock with my meals (so a fair amount of glycine) but have felt no need for amino acids for 4 days.
  3. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    Here is what I suggest, especially if you're sensitive to supplements:

    First try a small amount of each ingredient separately, one at a time in a methodical manner. Take notes on what your reaction is, good or bad to the supplement. If you're not tolerating the supplement, discontinue it.

    If you tolerate it, gradually increase the dose until you get to a sweet spot. You might have to go overboard to find the sweet spot. If that's the case, stop the supplement and wait until all bad symptoms clear, then restart at the last dose you tolerated.

    Then move on to the next supplement on the list and repeat.

    My own personal electrolyte drink has just mag, potass, and sea salt. Mag and potass work together. My doc had me start potass first, until I found the sweet spot, then the mag, then the salt.

    I personally don't tolerate most of the rest of the stuff on the list.

    Be aware that rice milk could have a concentrated amount of arsenic in it.

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