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Does B12 raise or lower histamine

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by kday, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. kday

    kday Senior Member

    After being sick, I don't usually have typical histamine reactions that others get.

    I really think the environment and certain foods really screw me up more so neurologically than anything. Like a brain allergy if that makes any sense.

    However, B12 helps with my symptoms. I take about 25 mg a day.

    I do have hyperadrenergic POTS however and started propanolol. I noticed the propanolol was making my tongue swollen, so I took quercetin and B12 and within a number of hours the swelling subsided. This happened 3 times, so I quit the beta blocker. I learned since that mast cell activation can happen in hyperadrenergic POTS when taking beta blockers so they should be avoided.

    But when I read it says B12 raises histamine. But I feel that it lowers it. Which one is it? Besides the reaction to the beta blocker, It's almost like I lack histamine compared to how I was when I was well.
  2. arx

    arx Senior Member

  3. Lynn_M

    Lynn_M Senior Member

    Western Nebraska
    There was some outdated work by Pfeiffer which I believe said B12 raises histamine. He either was wrong or had a different interpretation than today's thinking. I know in cases of MTHFR mutations, particularly A1298C, where B12 is low, that people have high histamine. The high levels drop after someone is on B12. Since you are taking so much B12 (hopefully an active form), I'm not surprised that you appear to have low histamine.
  4. newradost


    Maybe it's exactly what happens to us : me and my 3yo son. We are high at histamine and started RW's protocol and 2_3 days my boy had a big elbow reddish spots and then suddenly it turned that he can eat tomatoes. Before that b12 he just taste tomatoes with his tongue! Now I understand why...

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