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Does anyone else take ages to heal from cuts'n'bruises?

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by Shell, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I just thought of something which could help someone. Last year I got classified with borderline anemia.. not due to my blood levels but due to having nearly no iron storage going on at all. This issue with iron storage is common in ME (my CFS specialist has told me that many of his ME/CFS patients are found to have it when tested).

    I eat massive amounts of meat (2-3 times daily) and that is why no one had picked up that I had an iron issue going on before. My new specialist has told me that when we have an chronic infection we are using far more iron to replace cells.

    Anyway.. I was wondering if many who have got the bruising issue.. could have iron issues with their iron storage and at times be low (but blood may be being up and down a bit in its levels when you are eatting meat if you have low iron storage, so it could be missed on a normal iron test). Ask your doctor for an "iron study" test.
  2. Shell

    Shell Senior Member

    elbosque I know what you mean about klutziness. I spend an inordinate amount of time showing undue affection to door frames, doors and their handles in my hip, walls and radiators. Nearly fell on my poor 7 year old the other day.
    taniaaust1 . I think you may be right there. My last Hg was ok at 12. In fact that's the highest I've ever seen it. But I do get anemia and can tell the old fashioned way, feeling truly yuk and having white bottom inner eyelid. I top up on iron then and it usually goes away for a bit.
    I can also tell when things are low because I crave high vit C stuff. Vit C helps the liver process iron and get it into the system.
    I've never had my iron storage or even ferritin tested so I don't have a clue about that.

    The carpet burn is just showing signs of healing now- something like 8 weeks after the event. (Wonder what Wessley would make of that. 'spose he'd say I didn't want my ankle to get better. Lol.)
  3. mtnbibliophile


    Hi all - if you've had your ferritin and zinc and other substancese tested and they're normal, it might be worthwhile to get your human growth hormone level tested. Warning: a single blood test will not show anything normal, you have to get a "challenge test" which will likely mean repeated blood samples drawn over a period of hours. I had the same slow healing as everyone else on this post, whether recovering from bumps and bruises or flu or anything else, and when I got my HGH level checked, it was low. It's true HGH, which is necessary for healing, decreases with age (probably why arnica worked for Shell's kids but not for her), but mine was way low for my age. Now my body heals more quickly and also all of the alternative supplements, minerals, etc. are far more effective in healing my body parts damaged in connection with CFS - they can't heal you if there's not enough HGH to prompt restoration of new healthy cells.
  4. triffid113

    triffid113 Day of the Square Peg

    Yes, nothing heals anymore EVER if I don't take 5mg copper. Estrogen helps you absorb copper so when your estrogen wanes you may become copper deficient like me. I was not deficient at age 45 but was at age 50. I would find dog bites, cat scratches, etc would take 6 months to heal and even then not heal with real skin if I did not take copper. The copper supplement would make me heal from these small wounds pretty much overnight. Copper s a metal so make sure you need it. I got my hair analyzed via evenbetternow.com (the lab they use is traceelements.com)
    to determine deficiency.

    I have the klutziness problem real bad...if I have to go through hallways or doorways, I pretty much bounce into one side or another as I walk. If anyone has an insight as to what causes that I would love to hear it. I've been worried it's Parkinson's. I just found out I do not eat enough protein (such as to make dopamine). I read a paper about what predicts death in dialysis patients and it said if their albumin was 3.5-4.0 they would have twice the death rate as an albumin of 4.0 or greater, and an albumin of 2.5 has a 20 times death rate. So I took a look at my OWN albumin and found it is 3.9. FINALLY an objective measure of how much protein you need! I think I don;t get enough tyrosine to make dopamine - my father also. but since I don;t make enough BH4, it's possible more protein would drive me into PKU. BiancaS was put on kevan (for PKU) and she has almost the same genes as I do.


  5. Shell

    Shell Senior Member

    I am another one who shows too much affection to door frames and random bits of furniture. My balance is shot. Thankfully my kitchen cupboards are sturdy as the number of times I've grabbed door handles to stay upright will testify.

    The shaking, shivering and general parkinson-look-alike symptoms probably are to do with dopermine. There's a few studies that show those of us with fibromyalgia are lacking dopermine.
    I would guess the less we have the more we look Parki in nature.
    Someone posted a video on here about fibro being dysautonomic in nature - can't remember when, where or by whom, but the lecture mentioned lack of dopermine as part of the problem.
    I'm interested in what you say about protein and albumin. I think my diet is pretty balanced over all so by normal analysis I should be eating enough protein. But if there's something wrong ANS wise with us maybe the amount of protein we eat isn't the issue - it's whether our bodies can convert it to dopermine and whether our brains can uptake the dopermene once it's there.
    When I worked in psychi we learned about the extra dopermine that people with schizophrenia have so the antipyschotics we gave them were supposed to work as dopermine antagonists reducing hallucinations.
    The relationship between dopermine and nausea and vomiting interests me too because I know a common antipsychotic Haloperidol is used in paliative care at very low doses to try and relieve that side of dying. (usually cancer as far as I've seen, don't remember any terminally ill kids I worked with being on it - but my memory is shot)
    One of the side effects of Haldol is aggitation and aggression which leaves me wondering if it's a bit too effeciant at stopping dopermine - and what does it do to seretonin?
    I suppose I could unearth some studies, but I haven't looked yet.
  6. Crux

    Crux Senior Member

    Hi Y'all;

    I know I'm going to repeat myself concerning this issue, but thanks for your patience with my bits and fits.

    I found that my clumsiness was at first bumping and weaving in a "drunken" manner, then it progressed to tripping, slipping and falling. I did get alot more bruises and cuts. One fall onto my head, early last year, required some sutures.

    At the time of that last fall, I was taking some B12 and Folate, but not enough. ( blood test showed elevated MCV ) It was hard for me to believe, (brain fog), because I assumed that I was taking plenty enough. ( high in serum).

    I began to take more B12/folate after that, and resolved the bumping,weaving, and falling. ( Took a month )

    I haven't had low albumin, but I've seen it mentioned when reading about B12 deficiency.

    I'm not sure how B12 interacts with copper, other than it may make it more available by displacing zinc. Folate supports copper metabolism by forming stable bonds with it.

    So, this is tough to negotiate : Supplying enough B12/ Folate to aid copper metabolism, etc. But to also supply enough zinc to counterbalance. ( I've had side effects from too much zinc.)

    The B12/Folate, from supps., and copper ( I get copper from diet.), have nearly resolved the , bruising bleeding, parts.

    The zinc, in good measure, has thickened my skin. ( better resistance).

    I haven't injured myself in some months, so I'll be looking to see how well this works in the future, if something untoward happens. ( hope not).
  7. August59

    August59 Daughters High School Graduation

    Upstate SC, USA
    Yes - I definitely take longer than usual, but not by a great amount of time. Bruises are generally quicker to heal, but deep cuts and scrapes are a long term healing process

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