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dna adducts test results. milk thistle for detox?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by mononoke, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. mononoke


    im thinking of taking milk thistle for detox.

    i had a DNA adducts test a year after my ME diagnosis (2008) which showed
    1. diamino compound 9 ng/ml - not on any specific gene, usually from hair dye/ other cosmetics.
    2. malondialdehyde 25 ng/ml (from lipid peroxidation),
    3. nickel 14 ng/ml -on chromosome 21 (probably on zu/cu-sod1 gene) and chromosome 11 (may affect glutathione- peroxidace gene)

    the ME doctor i was seeing said the MDA (malondialdehyde) is from fat metabolism and usually caused by vitamin C deficiency. my suggested treatment was at least a gram of vit c and to take heel detox kit
    Lyphosot , Nux vomica-Homaccord, Berberis-Homaccord. specifically this:

    i did this and had bad migraines whilst taking the detox drops in water but i don't really know what it did other than that. i also took heel hepeel homeopathic tablets for my liver. i found it had no affect on me.

    anyway, shortly after that my doctor retired so i dont know how effective treatment was as i had no follow up tests.

    could milk thistle help? i tried it once at the suggestion of a naturopath and it gave me a migraine. is this detox reaction or something else?

    i also wanted to try it for painful periods as it can get rid of excess hormones. any advice or experience would be grealty appreciated. im not on any meds/supplements.
  2. mononoke


    forgot to mention i also have blepharitits and suffer from recurring styes ( once a month) and chalazions (couple a year). ive found making a turmeric and ginger tea and swiping a cotton pad (soaked in a little of the tea) across the eyelid the only thing that helps but this is just a short term solution. could milk thistle help my eye problems?
  3. Critterina

    Critterina Senior Member

    Arizona, USA
    Sounds like your brain doesn't like it to me. But my philosophy is that if you take something that makes you worse, you probably shouldn't take it, at least in that high a dosage. I know others disagree, but try compassion.
  4. Eastman

    Eastman Senior Member


    If a supplement gives you problem, going to a lower dosage and slowly titrating up sometimes helps.

    Also, if you are trying to boost glutathione with milk thistle, you could try alternatives like turmeric, cruciferous vegetables and artichoke, or supplements like glycine, selenium, magnesium and vitamin B6. See here.

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