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Disease Associations of XMRV and MLV-Related Viruses - Judy Mikovits

Discussion in 'XMRV Research and Replication Studies' started by ixchelkali, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. ixchelkali

    ixchelkali Senior Member

    Long Beach, CA
    I know this was mentioned in the thread on the Pathogens in the Blood Supply presentation on the media forum, but I thought it might be interesting to look at Judy Mikovits' abstract from a research perspective.

  2. redo

    redo Senior Member

    Thanks for posting
  3. August59

    August59 Daughters High School Graduation

    Upstate SC, USA
    "clonalTCR gamma" - I'm going to buy one of these when I get well and rich!

    Thought I had read or heard of all the medical terms, but this is a new one. Dr. Judy appears to be going after it really hard and I'm certainly grateful. All the XMRV issues aside, there have been a few studies this year that are getting much deeper into the cellular level. Technology advancements and researchers wanting to explore it's capability have been a good thing for ME/CFS. Dr. Mikovits with this research, Dr. Schutzer (Dr. Baraniuk soon I hope) spinal fluid studies and the Australian Symposium I believe will eventually yield ME/CFS very pertinent and vital information.

    I certainly want the XMRV issues settled, but I hope that science will look beyond it and find out what is biologically happening to us (XMRV or not). I don't think, even if it is XMRV, that taking antivirals is going to cure us. There will be have to be some biological repair in some of us at least in my case anyway. Excuse my terminology which I'm sure is lacking here, but I think you most of you know where I went with this.

    Wayne's thread on mitochondrial disease plays into this as well. Thanks!
  4. omerbasket

    omerbasket Senior Member

    Every time I read things by Dr. Mikovits, and especially every time I see a lecture by her, I learn so many new things. I think she is a genius scientist, and I think that had the other scientists been listening to her, instead of trying to oppose her, they would have learn a lot of things, including things that would help them regardless of XMRV. It's true, they are experienced scientists too. But Dr. Mikovits had learned a whole lot about XMRV, and it's a shame that they don't want to learn from her (like, for example, performing her exact tests, and at least most of those tests [not just one, as even though she is a genius, it's still a new and hard-to-detect virus which she either don't know eveything about, so she either cannot currently have a test that would find it whenever it's there], instead of insisting of not replicating her study).
  5. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    People and their egos, damn human nature!

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