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Diatomaceous earth - who has used it, and with what results?

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by sianrecovery, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Ayaju


    San Diego, CA
    I want to know too! I started taking DE, but stopped due to a cold. I'll get back to it when I feel better.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if taking 1T of DE every-other day is enough to kill parasites?
    And I'm wondering what side effects there are from the die-off?
    I'm even wondering if DE kills candida?

    I have sent a couple emails to the DE folks, but no reply.

    Thanks, Judy
  2. soccer_dude



    I've tried DE. I'm on my second week. I feel pretty good after taking a dose. No negative side-effect up until recently.

    I now feel dehydrated and constipated. I feel like I have a cement brick in my gut. I drink a lot of water, so not sure what to do. I'm taking a day off to see if that helps. Is there anything that you can take with it to help it be less drying?

  3. outdamnspot

    outdamnspot Senior Member

    I've tried both DE and Bentonite Clay -- both make me feel dehydrated and kind of unwell, but I end up passing what I'm pretty sure are worms in my stool the next day. I did have a 3-sample parasite test recently that was negative, but I'll bring this up to my doctor anyway.

    Should we presume anyone with CFS and a dysfunctional gut/immune system are going to have parasites (kind of like how Candida is more a symptom of other issues), or can they cause problems in themselves?
  4. Chieftain


    • Diatomaceous earth (got rid of a bunch of crap from my stomach - took about 3 months of regular consumption [1-2 tablespoons a day in water] before weird stuff stopped coming out) - I don't want to sound like a quack saying everybody has parasites, but some people do. My opinion: Diatomaceous worked for me, it's worth a shot.
    A week or so into consuming it, I "caught a cold" but due to a lot of reading and research beforehand I kept taking it because I suspected it could be chalked up to the herxheimer/detox reaction that your body has when getting rid of crap. This was accompanied by various phases of alternating constipation and/or diarrhea. COMPLETELY NORMAL while your body adjusts. I also just generally felt terrible and anhedonic for a while.

    Once everything was out (basically assessed as when I was able to go a few weeks of consuming D.E. without seeing weird stuff in my poop), I was more stable in terms of energy, digestion/elimination, and even emotionally.

    Don't inhale it, but eating it presents NO disadvantages.

    PM me if you have any specific questions! :)
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  5. genni


    Have just started my 18yo on 1/4 tsp / day. She's feeling lousy, tired, fibro ache etc. etc. How many more days on this dose before she will start to feel improvement? Is DE a cure for CFS or more specifically, Is there a cure for CFS? What have the long term benefits been for you?
    Three years of natural supplements later, I learn that most of them weren't absorbed because of pathogenic bacteria coating stomach/digestive tract inhibits absorption. Her onset came after glandular fever, herpes virus vax and months of antibiotics pkf the medical profession.
    Would love to hear how you have progressed.
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  6. Chieftain


    Looks like it's your first post, so first of all WELCOME! :)

    1/4 tsp is a small amount, although a GREAT dose to start with - going slow is never a bad thing. Through my readings I have found that most people like to slowly ramp up to about a teaspoon and eventually a tablespoon per day.

    Everyone's bodies are different and respond differently to medicinal substances: personally I found improvements within 2 weeks, and a large jump in well-being after the 3 month mark, but it may be much quicker for you - I had spent a significant amount of time in a third-world country which may have contributed to a larger parasite load.

    The forum-wide consensus is that no "cure" has been found for CFS yet, a cure being some magical substance that completely reverses your condition to a pre-ill state where it's as if you never had it.

    That said, it is widely agreed that CFS is on a spectrum - in other words, it isn't black and white. Some people are better off than others, and significant improvements can be made that move you along the spectrum to the healthier side.

    If you'd like to know my story and a detailed examination of what worked for me, check out my introduction thread here:

    Of course you are free to message me with any questions! Remember, there is hope and you may have to scour the ends of the world to find what works for you.
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  7. Xisca


    I take this! Well I started 2 weeks ago or so...
    I take it for endotoxins.
    I think I have a flatter belly and feel overall better, but I have taken many new things at the same time or nearly.
    But digestion is better. I take it first thing in the morning.
    I am not constipated, never, but think that coconut oil helps, and my high fat diet in general, and I always have bitter greens. So I cannot say if this DE can cause it.
    (for worms, I did it many years ago, with plants extracts, and it was soooo worth it! I had to lower my food intake)

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