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DetoxiGenomic Profile results-??

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by confetti11, May 8, 2017.

  1. confetti11

    confetti11 Senior Member

    Hello, I pulled out my report from a few years ago in research to tackle a recent setback. I read the results report, but does anyone familiar with this test have any feedback regarding the results below?? Thanks!

    Phase I:
    Polymorphism: CYP1B1 and CYP2C19

    Phase II:
    +- COMT
    +- NAT 2 I114T
    +- NAT2 R197Q
    +- NAT2 K268R
    Absent GSTM1
    +- GSTP1
  2. alicec

    alicec Senior Member

    It's impossible to comment based on that information. I hope the test gave you more detail or it is useless.

    There are many SNPs on CYP1B1 and CYP2C19. We need to know which SNPs you have. In any case it is often not individual SNPs but combinations which have an effect.

    The same comment applies to COMT and GSTP1. Which SNPs are involved?

    Combinations of SNPs affect NAT2 function. Here is a list of them and the associated phenotype. Here is a program that predicts your status. Please note the position referred to is the nucleotide position. Your results list the protein position. The list of all SNPs will let you work out their equivalent nucleotide position.

    Absent GSTM1 is very common. Other GST types can fill the gap so it's not necessarily a problem.

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