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Detox or wishful thinking?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by m1she11e, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. m1she11e

    m1she11e Senior Member

    I have been posting about my miraculous improvements on the BEMER thread BUT... I have been suffering from something new.

    About a month ago I woke up in the middle of the night with congestion in the back of my sinus' and throat. My nose was not stuffed at all. As the days passed my eyes burned and I felt like I was coming down with a cold but it was all behind my sinus'. It was different than anything I had ever dealt with before.

    In all these years I have been sick, I have not been aware of true sinus issues but when I got sick at 15, I had severe conjunctivitis along with face and head pressure and pain. Over the years I have had pain in my face but no signs of allergies or stuffed up nose or anything. I always know when I am going to have a bad day because my eyes are full of gunk in the morning and stay very red and watery. There is alot of aching and pressure behind my eyes as well.

    Okay, back to present time... I was running a fever when this congestion thing started and because I have a low WBC count (last test 2 months ago was 2.6) they put me on antibiotics. I have now been through 3 rounds of antibiotics and have a day where I am all better and then it comes back off and on. The good and bad days dont seem to coincide with when I am on or off the antibiotics or how far along in a course I am. As far the abx killing Lyme or Mycoplasma, I have been there and done that with no die off or benefit in the past.

    SO, the doctor decided to take my WBC count again because we were becoming concerned that my body was not fighting off a sinus infection. My white count is now 4.7. (almost doubled) Not high, but not immune compromised anymore. My Neutrophils said "alert" on my last labs at 1.0. They are now 2.5.

    I still feel way better in general, but like I have the worlds worst cold. I know my immune system is functioning better. (I was a doctor visit away from a bone marrow biopsy before..so that is GOOD news) I have the fantastic days I have mentioned, but then this cold, sinus thing comes back out of the blue.

    I take VERY good care of myself. I do a ton of detox baths, etc. I take all the right immune support etc.

    Another interesting, yet way too much info thing, I think that is worth mentioning... I have no body odor what so ever now. Not that I was SO SMELLY before. I live in Florida and it is hot and humid and you cant help but sweat alot. I would have to wear deodorant like most people before. I can go and sweat like crazy and there is just no smell at all. I figure that has to be a good sign. :confused:

    So now, after racking my brain trying to figure out WTH is going on... now I am kind of wondering if it might be a detox? Maybe I HAVE had junk in my sinus' and head all this time and it is trying to get out??? Any thoughts???

  2. I think detox is a pretty good guess. I'm not sure what a BEMER is because I haven't been following that thread, but I've had weird chemical smells coming out from doing detox supplements, which smelled just like the chemicals I was exposed to years before.

    I've also read a story in Sherry Rogers' book about a lady who used to be a hairdresser who had purple stains coming out on her pillow and sheets (from hair dye she used over the years at her job).

    In any case, even if it isn't detox, having a normal immune reaction to a cold virus sounds like a good sign to me.
  3. markmc2000

    markmc2000 Guest

    From your picture one couldn't tell you were smelly before

    Hi michelle,

    Just giving you a hard time about being smelly and all. I have even smelled kind of smelley in the past. :eek:P

    If you are smelling better I would think that is a good sign. not that I have any scientific eveidence to base it on. But rather, I notice I am not as smelley as I heal. Not completely odorless, but much less.

    I have taken antibioitcs and vitamins that make me kind of run down, tired, and weak. Those are called "endotoxins" when one takes or deos something to kill off bacteria and viruses that make one feel worse. Maybe that could be it?

    Kind of hard to tell the difference sometimes between a good endotoxin reaction, and just a reaction which may be your illness acting up. Many times I can't tell if I am doing something that is making me worse or better. How crazy is that?

    Maybe one way to tell is if you stop cruzing the beemer and see if your reaction stops? I would say if the reaction stops after stopping th ebeemer for a couple fo days, then starts again if you start the beemer. That would be a very good sign.

    One other thing, have you seen the syptoms of swine flu? a person i now had swine flu and it started with a fever, then went away, then she had a fever again.then she ended uop with a nasty cough for awhile.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  4. m1she11e

    m1she11e Senior Member

    new the smelly thing would backfire!

    I appreciate the input. I dont really expect a definitive answer. I guess there is really no way of telling what is detox and what is sick.

    As far as stopping the BEMER to test... I am afraid. I really am so afraid to EVER get as sick as I was before that I cant do it. I know fear is bad but I just cant do a test run without it. If it is kicking in my immune system or helping me detox, I dont want to stop it.

    BTW- I was never SMELLY :p!!! I am just completely odorless now. Pure and fresh!:)

    Im starting to get mad at this intrusion in my greatly improved health, so along with taking care of myself, I am going to view this as a detox!! It is better than being REALLY pissed off!

    not smelly,
  5. jenbooks

    jenbooks Guest

    Well if your blood counts are up including wbc's maybe they're starting to fight off a longstanding low grade infection.
  6. Victoria

    Victoria Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia

    I'll make some very broad statements here which may, or may not be relevant.

    1. Body smell - I had terrible metallic body odour when taking 2 antibiotics together for a Blastocystis Hominus parasitic infection in the early 2000/2/3- these antibiotics didn't get rid of the parasite by the way.

    2. I take high doses of vitamin C 2000-5000mg daily. I believe that this is part of why my immune system is 100% this year. I read many, many years ago that taking high doses of vitamin C caused a reaction like a bad cold or blocked sinus (whereby the body threw off all the excess toxins & build up of mucous in the body resulting in the symptoms of a cold, when you didn't really have a cold).

    Fact or fiction - I don't know? I've never had this reaction with high doses of vit C.

    3. The fact that your bad body odour is gone seems to me like a very good thing.

    4. I used to get cold sores (herpes) & conjunctivitis a lot about 20 years ago, but in recent years I eat a couple of days of red meat (high in the amino acid - lysine) Low lysine can result in cold sores & conjunctivitus for me personally, don't know about anyone else.

    If you do get conjunctivitis, take care if you use eye makeup & mascara - old or dirty brushes/wands can cause eye problems and secondly, unless you're vegetarian, try to eat at least 2-3 red meat meals a week & see if this helps.

    5. Do you eat alot of dairy ? - this can cause sore throats & excess mucous as well as other symptoms (if you are dairy intolerant like me).

    6. In my opinion & this is only my opinion (I'm not medically qualified to make this statement). If you've taken 3 rounds of antibiotics & the problem isn't resolved, I would not take any more antibiotics. I believe the more you take, the more your body bugs get used to the antibiotics & build up a resistance to them. Eventually antibiotics won't work for any infection in your body.

    Antibiotics were a wonderful medical breakthrough in their day & still have a place in medical treatment, but I believe many doctors are over prescribing them.

    There is a saying that taking antibiotics gets rid of a bacterial infection in 2 weeks. And not taking antibiotics gets rid of a bacterial infection in a fortnight.

    So if your immune system is below par, then there is a place for a course of the right antibiotic for a bacterial infection. (Antibiotics don't work for viral infections).

    If your immune system is 100% (like mine is this year), then your body should be able to heal itself & fight off the bacteria, virus or fungus. If your white cell count is increasing, that sounds very, very positive.

    I think it's important to separate bacterial infections, viral infections & fungal infections.

    They all have separate treatments.

    While detox baths are a very effective way to sweat out toxins (as Australian Aborigines use eucalytus smoke huts, & Amercian Indians used herbs & smoke or sweat huts to cleanse toxins), too many hot saunas & baths can be too harsh on a weakened body & immune system. Don't overdo these if you are weak (or very ill).

    Saunas that cause an enormous overload of toxins to be expelled in a very short time can be too taxing for a weakened body - take it slowly & don't have detox baths & saunas too hot.

    This is just my opinion.

  7. markmc2000

    markmc2000 Guest

    ok, not so smelly michelly

    Ok I believe you don't smell anymore, but can't let you off the hook without busting you on that one!

    I just recently started taking a bunch of vitamin b-12 and noticed that my throat was getting sore. I attribute it to the B-12 helping my body fight the bacteria. So sometimes those pains can mean bacterial die-off. Maybe your "pain" could be that too? I'm getting all sorts of strange burning and aching pain as my body heals. SOunds weird but it seems to be the case. Like my teeth and roots got really sore for a bit at certain times, now I think my sore throat thing may be the same deal. The deal being the B-12 kicking my immnue system into high gear to deal with these standards infections my weak immune system couldnt fight before. Hopefully your beener is doing the same for you....

    I heard you can wear chicken feet earings for headaches, but not sure if that is true or not. I don't have pierced ears so I never tried it.

  8. m1she11e

    m1she11e Senior Member

    oh my...

    Some how the smelly thread and the chicken feet thread have crossed!:eek:

    I appreciate everyone's ideas and comments. Such a helpful group!

    It had been maddening to be consistently feeling better and stronger to being knocked back down with a whole new "problem." I lost it last night and threw my phone across the room. I think I yelled "this is bullshit and I cant do it anymore!" Guess what... I didnt feel one bit better after. I should have tried tapping instead!! Its almost like having a taste of life again made it harder to take whatever this is.

    Some where along the way I have read (more than once) that healing is not linear. I even remember Wayne mentioned that as encouragement on the BEMER thread. (thanks Wayne) I know that in order to heal I cant freak out over the set backs as that is not good for the body either. It can be hell on ones phone too. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the help and the laughs.

    "Even though I am having this...I completely and totally accept myself..." STOP, STOP STOP! Breathe!

  9. kolowesi

    kolowesi Senior Member

    Central Texas
    M1chelle detox?

    Getting mad is a sign of getting better! It means you have more energy.

    I'm not sure about the no-smell thing, keep us posted. I, too, have had chemical smell in my sweat at times. (Past history of multiple exposures.)

    That is awesome about your WBC and neutrophils. YAY! Don't stop the BEMER. It sounds like your intuition is telling you not to, and you are very smart to listen.

    As for the latest problems, that is the $64K question, is it a healing crisis or am I doing something that's making me worse?

    I've had lots of different eye problems. Pain behind the eyes may be viral. Gunky eyes can be viral too.

    Did they check you for blepharitis? If not, let me know and I'll give you a procedure to make it better, which if it works, will give a clue to the conjunctivitis-like stuff. (if I remember, it's caused by mites, so it can go on this thread with chicken feet and other mind-broadening topics).

    That place between the sinuses and throat bothers me sometimes as well. I think it's ickiness draining out of the sinuses. Do you use a neti pot? I put a few drops of colloidal silver in with the salt water. I had a drug resistant staph in my sinuses and after the CS, my next culture was clear.

    In spite my random suggestions, I think it is likely detox, and cause for celebration.

    Victoria's suggestion of eucalyptus is one I really like. I put a few drops in the CPAP humidifier. With my latest cold/flu, I never got a deep cough, though it tried to go in my chest. You can put some on a kleenex and breathe it or do it as aromatherapy. It helps me so much.

    One other thing, since I'm just getting well from something with similar symptoms (maybe I caught something, maybe mine was detox too as I started Equilibrant), guifenessin (sp?) or mucinex. I use this sparingly and drink extra water, even salt water, as it's so drying.

    Keep us posted. So glad you are better, it's very exciting. I'm so hopeful about the BEMER.

  10. Dreambirdie

    Dreambirdie work in progress

    N. California
    Hi M1chelle--

    I can empathize with feeling angry at being jerked around by this irksome illness. It really is crazy making at times. :mad::p;) When I get pissed off about it, I paint bold nasty paintings with lots of black and red, or I get in the bathtub and sing nonsensical dissonant sounding "arias" about how much I hate being sick. Sometimes I just sing OW-EEE real loud, for as long as it takes. (And yes, I make sure all the doors and windows are closed.:)) It always helps me feel better to let it out.

    I think that finding coping strategies to deal with all the rollercoaster ups and downs is a big part of living with chronic illness. Sometimes it's easier to accept the down ride and sometimes it just isn't. If EFT tapping works it out of you, then maybe that's the best way to go. There are no wrong answers in the art of survival.
  11. aquariusgirl

    aquariusgirl Senior Member

    immune reactivation or sthg else?

    hi michelle
    well, you should probably keep an open mind and just see where this goes.

    But as a point of reference, when I first started on methylation support, I had a runny nose and sneezes for several months straight.

    I assume it was immune reactivation. I think some autism docs call the phenomenon "retracing."
  12. liverock

    liverock Senior Member

    On another CFS forum I visit a woman had the toxins in her mito's analysed by Acumen Labs in the UK and when the result came back they showed they were 40% blocked by hair dye.:eek:
  13. m1she11e

    m1she11e Senior Member

    All interesting

    What a great bunch! We SO dont deserve to be sick!

    I just got back from a raindrop therapy from the lady who introduced me to the BEMER. She has decided it is her mission to get me well. Quite a mission... Raindrop therapy is where they put different essential oils along your spine and on your feet. She also rubbed them on my head. It lifted me alot more than I expected. I intend to have those once a week for awhile. (just to help her with her mission...;))

    I really appreciate all of your thoughts so much! It is nice to be able to talk to people that know where I am coming from. I also am taking into consideration that we have all been there and done that and have valuable knowledge to share. I guess that is what these message boards are all about. Or at least they are supposed to be!

    Keep you posted...:eek:

  14. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City

    Hi mark,

    I would like to make one comment regarding b12 as you mention. As the epithelial tissue heals, the mucous consistancy changes from thick and sticky, sort of jellied, to slick and runny and normal. Often this can start a post nasal drip that wasn't active because it was too solid and sinuses can drain. Sometimes it seems to take forever to do that draining.

    Good luck.
  15. dannybex

    dannybex Senior Member

    Hi Michelle...

    Just my two cents, but I think this is all signs that your th1/th2 immune 'dysfunction' is actually starting to function properly!

    It's a GOOD sign, IMHO. You're getting colds/sore throats, etc., like so-called 'normal, healthy' people get when they get sick. The symptoms, are symptoms of a normal immune system reaction.


  16. beckster


    Hi Freddd!

    Among other things i still have chronic sinus infections(thick, colored mucous everymorning), and have wondered what it was that hasnt healed (a lot of other infections have healed on the MP protocol). So that would be the epithelial cells in nose, upper respiratory, etc-- so i can expect these secretions to be less thick (and to use less guaifenisen, which is what i use when get really nasty sinus infection to thin the secretion . . .)????

    Do you know what the connection is, no one has ever known or explained this to me, but if i get a big dose of dirt or sand (for example) thrown in my face (especially if it hits my eyes or nose) i get a tight nape of neck, like a guitar string even, and then that means a migraine type thing coming on, and then the next day or two the nasty sinus infections and discharge, and takes me days or even a week to get rid of the pain and lesser cognition and get back to baseline . . . to you know how all this is tied together?(are epithelial some of the last or hardest to heal, or is it just individual?) why do the nerves/muscles contract almost immediately, and then still throughout the sinus infection????????/

    Thanks, beckster
  17. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City

    Hi beckster,

    I don't know about all the connections. However, every tissue we have that interfaces to the outside world is an epithelial tissue from the skin to all the mucous membranes. The lungs, gastro top to bottom, skin, vaginal, bladder, etc tissues. MB12 deficiency can cause abnormalities in all of them including ones that show up on the PAP test as a false positive. Many show up as inflammation. They need a variety of cofactors to heal and take differring amounts of time to heal. Infections complicate the matter.
  18. markmc2000

    markmc2000 Guest

    thanks everybody, how hoe goes it michelle?

    danny, good info on the immune response. I never knew that. I never get colds and stuff kinda strange. My sore thoart was just kind of raw and dry. I did kind of start getting a weak and thought it may have been a swine flu so I took a bunch of d3 and vit C and the sore throat seemed to go away.

    Freddd, thanks again. I may try and post in your glutathione deficiency column about my recent experience with NAC.

    Hows it going michelle? hows the cold/detox doing?

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