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Dental Health: Yet One More Challenge For Those With ME/CFS

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising Articles' started by Phoenix Rising Team, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Phoenix Rising Team

    Phoenix Rising Team

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  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I'd like to add a few things.

    May of us with ME suffer from dry months, not necessarily due to meds or supplements but just a dry mouth anyway eg some with ME may have coexisting Sjogren's Syndrome. I think in my case its my POTS which affects my body fluid level, I think it also causes my mouth to be abnormally dry. My dentist said most of my enemal has worn off of my teeth due to my mouth not having enough protective saliva. This drier then normal mouth issue has dentists wanting me to see them every 6mths instead of yearly due to the increased risk of holes (I developed 3-4 holes in one year).

    Our pills and supplements and other things we need to take may also contain sugar eg some fibre supplements can be very bad for this (mine when I take it there is about a 1 tsp of sugar left sitting in the bottom of the glass). So our teeth with taking the things we need to take for our health, may be getting more sugar hits then we realise as well. Often there is no easy way around having this sugar as things either tend to have artifical sugars which most of us cant take or real sugar in them.

    Cleaning ones teeth regularly can go out of the window too when very sick, it can be hard to be doing ones teeth when one cant even get out of bed. I still have "okay" teeth (other then fillings and the enemal now being very thin), Im truely surprised that my teeth are still in okay shape going throu what they have been throu including a bout of me drinking sports drinks for the POTS (sports drinks which also did harm to my teeth).
  3. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I forgot to say, I love the picture you choose to put with this article :)
  4. Tally

    Tally Senior Member

    Yeah, going to dentist is horrible.

    Just an interesting thing to note, I'm from Europe and we never really get dental cleaning.
  5. rosie26

    rosie26 Senior Member

    Glad we don't have two rows of teeth like that shark up there :D

    So glad I don't have teeth anymore, I know that probably sounds appalling. But I had nothing but trouble with mine. It always bothered me as I was not a slack cleaner of my teeth. I also have never been a rubbish eater. My dentist said to me when I complained to him about it that "some people just have good genes, strong mineral makeup.

    Perhaps I should have taken mineral supplements throughout my life, it may have made a difference ?
  6. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem All Good Things Must Come to an End

    I only go to the dentist when I am in pain. I haven't had my teeth cleaned in years. I am told they need it every time I go to the dentist.

    I have found that buying a couple extra packages of dental floss to put by my computer and bed have increased my flossing. I was flossing while reading this. I also floss in bed.

    I bought some gum that is supposed to help maintain dental enamel. I don't often think to chew it.

    I have seen ads for dental probiotics.
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  7. Plum

    Plum Senior Member

    Great article! I have TMJ which has caused multiple teeth fractures. I wear a bite guard at night but replacing it every few years is an expense we can do without. I've recently started making my own toothpaste which has actually improved my dental health. I can't find the exact recipe online that I use but will put in some links of similar things.
    I use baking soda, unrefined sea salt (fine), Bentonite clay, peppermint essential oil. The sea salt helps clean my mouth really well and is more abrasive on my teeth. The minerals in the sea salt are meant to help re-mineralize your teeth. And yes I do have sensitive teeth and no this toothpaste hasn't made it worse - it's actually made them less sensitive.



    The other thing I love about this stuff is that it's cheap.

    There is another thing I keep meaning to try as it's meant to work great and that's oil pulling.

    This video explains it well:

  8. Snow Leopard

    Snow Leopard Hibernating

    South Australia
    I didn't see a dentist for about 7 years (and it was 5 years break before that too). I brush my teeth once a day.

    I freaked out earlier this year as I thought I needed fillings, as it turned out the problem was just the Fissure seals over the fillings in the fronts of a few of my molars had fallen out. The problem was I didn't have health insurance (extras) and had to wait 2 months before I could see a dentist. I had a great dentist though, supportive, explained everything in detail without prompting, did not judge etc. I did also enjoy her telling me that she didn't actually had to do any work at all, though I got most of the Fissure seals redone to prevent further tooth decay.

    Perhaps rare, but there you go, a good dentist experience.
  9. Ema

    Ema Senior Member

    Midwest USA
    I read some interesting articles about the connection of the mouth and teeth with the HPA axis a while ago. Something about how the hormones are sensed through the tubules in the teeth. I wish I could find the exact article because I am explaining this terribly! But anyway, it had never occurred to me that there might be a connection between a weak endocrine system and weak teeth but it appears that they are tied together.

    Also, grinding the jaw is a way to stimulate the release of cortisol. Since many of us are low in cortisol, it makes sense that many of us also grind our teeth.

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  10. Sing

    Sing Senior Member

    New England
    Helpful discussion! Toothpaste: A common ingredient of toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate which even dentists can tell you causes mouth sores. Grinding and clenching: My muscles are always tightening and clench with irritation, maybe due to excessive glutamate? Not sure. Part of myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia too in my case. This has caused all kinds of dental problems, expensive repairs and two extractions. Wearing a nightguard only protects the surfaces but can make the clenching worse, I found. Recently trying Lyrica, however, the grinding and clenching stopped. Lyrica reduces the glutamate activitiy. Gabapentin, which I like better in all other respects, does not have this benefit of stopping the clenching and grinding.
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  11. arx

    arx Senior Member

    Faced a lot of dental issues with many medicines! Especially benzos. Dry mouth,Jaw Clenching seemed to me the major factors,but tooth decay and gingivitis was observed despite taking preventive measure.
  12. Greg Crowhurst

    Greg Crowhurst

    Thank you so much Jody for raising this important issue - we live in the UK, my wife, Linda , has Very Severe ME .

    Linda cannot bear her head to be touched, even lightly, she is in so much agony, so frail that any dental work is likely to lead to a massive exacerbation of her symptoms, already raging out of control.

    She is extremely disabled by profound noise and light sensitivity.

    Constant , stabbing pain shoots down from her ears, to her jaw, on top of the numbness and paralysis she experiences there : how on earth could she cope with an injection - even a non-adrenalin anaesthetic ?

    Yet her teeth urgently need seeing to. Luckily there is a home dental service where we live - but what practical use is it ?

    The issue comes down to this : how do you offer a dental service to a person with Severe ME who cannot bear to be touched, cannot bear any interaction, cannot bear light or noise ?

    That question will never be answered all the time the denial , the ignoring, the leaving of people with Severe ME to simply get on with it, to cope untreated, unseen, negated and dismissed, goes on !!
  13. perchance dreamer

    perchance dreamer Senior Member

    For dry mouth, Biotene is effective although it has preservatives. Periosciences has a new hydrating rinse that has antioxidants and does not have preservatives, but it is more expensive. It's called AO ProRinse:


    I find both these products work really well.

    For sensitive teeth, I've just started using Tooth Builder toothpaste. It doesn't have flouride. It gets some really good reviews on Amazon:

    http://www.amazon.com/Squigle-Tooth...36323&sr=1-1&keywords=toothbuilder toothpaste
  14. suz9601

    suz9601 Moving Forward...

    that's interesting Ema about how grinding leads to increased cortisol. That explains a lot in me.
  15. Sing

    Sing Senior Member

    New England
    I wanted to amend what I said. Gabapentin does help with the clenching and grinding just not as much as the Lyrica, but because I like Gabapentin so much more in the spectrum of its effects, I am back to it and off the Lyrica. Also, a great natural toothpaste without fluoride or SLS, which also helps with sensitivity, etc. is Weleda's Calendula toothpaste. Best product I have found in years.
  16. SanDiego#1

    SanDiego#1 SanDiego#1

    SouthEast USA
    I am a Registered Dental Hygienist. One of the best and easiest things anyone can do to take care of their mouth is to buy an Oral B Electric toothbrush in SOFT. This is easy to use and you can buy additional brushes to use when you need a new one- they fit on the electric base. Even if you are disabled it works wonderful on the gums and teeth. Rec for kids with braces or anyone that has a problem. Sensodyne toothpaste without fluoride mint is also good if your teeth are sensives from recession or eroded enamal. Of course Having a reg Prophylaxis at least every 6 mo is better -but the brush will help along with flossing very day. There are also interdental stimulators to clean in between the teeth that are great and easy to use. Rinsing your mouth with water after meals will help with the plaque. Once it has hardened into Tarter-you can't get it off without a dental cleaning. The bacteria in your mouth from tarter is much more dangerous than going in for a cleaning. In protest with my dentist I had all my Amalgums (silver filling replaced) with Composite (white). However you have to be careful not to inhale the Amalgum Vapors when they are doing it-so you need someone that specializes in the removal. I have no idea whether this helped me or not. Some say the risk of removal if not done right may not be worth the price.People whose immune systems are compromised may need to ck and see if they need a Pre med of an antibiotic if they have a Periodontal problem. (gum disease). Or heart issues.

    Really a professional cleaning is the best way to catch any dental problems early. I do not do x-rays as often as they are recommended. You do not need them every year. Don't care what the dentist says.

    Hope this has helped some people. The Electric toothbrush is a must for excellent cleaning at
    home. I also like Peroxyl mouth wash for dental soreness and freshness. You can also use warm salt water.The Peroxyl does have Peroxide, but creates oxygen in the tissues and helps with dental Perio problems.

    Best San Diego #1
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  17. aepalisades


    For those who clench their teeth:
    I didnt realize I clenched my jaw, until I started using magnesium oil
    to try to bring my levels up. I just rubbed in on my thighs and lower legs
    before bed. Within a few days, maybe week, my jaw became really relaxed,
    Something I hadnt felt in years....didnt even realize it was tight to begin, until it wasn't.
    But one of the other strange side effects of Magnesium oil was that
    my mouth and eyes which had been really dry since having chemo 15 years
    before went away. I had tried many other magnesium pills and powders
    before this, but nothing gave results like magnesium oil.

    One caveat though, it's kinda wet, sometimes itchy to use. I rub coconut
    oil on over the magnesium oil otherwise my skin itches as i am very
    sensitive to EVERYTJING
  18. Getting a cavity filled is a nightmare for me (and my kind and understanding dentist). Not because of the drilling - that I can take - but because I can't open my mouth wide enough for longer than a fraction of a second. The pain and cramps from trying are worse than anything else I know.
  19. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    I haven't been to the dentist for 2 and half years - I saw a you tube video about a woman who hates dentists and goes about every 5yrs!!! she uses PLAX twice a day rinses for a minute before using an electric toothbrush - also flosses daily. I have ordered some PLAX from the US as can't get it in the UK and getting to work with my oral B.
    I have to have my teeth cleaned properly as I have a lot of tarter and plaque - but the hygienist said I wasn't up to it last week - so trying to get them a bit cleaner before I go again and then I can have my amalgams out the week after.

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