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Couple seeks holistic doc & biological dentist in a beautiful, affordable locale

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by hubcap_halo, May 10, 2011.

  1. hubcap_halo


    Washington, DC
    Couple seeks an holistic doc/treatment center in warm, beautiful part of USA


    My Girlfriend and Ihave decided to relocatefrom from the east coast to a more affordable area with a great doctor and some natural beauty.

    Can you help us find an ideal, and affordable locale for healing and a healthy lifestyle?We know there's agreat clinic out there that follows an alternative or natural medical approach and we would love your help. Open to any suggestions! Anywhere! (we prefer a warmer climate :)

    Rather than rockstar docs, weseek excellent under the radar and affordable docs who look at the WHOLE PICTURE. We're open to an integrated health center with a team or simply a holistic doc that offers these specific things:

    Neural therapy
    IV Hydrogen peroxide
    Heavy MetalChelation
    IV Vitamin C
    Ozone Therapy
    Natural lyme treatment

    Presumably they'd have an understanding of howtosupport the body while knocking backthe infectious soupand boosting immune system- hormones, adrenals, thyroid.

    Warm weather, natural beauty, slower pace
    An open minded doc who might prescribe GcMAF
    Peptide injections
    clinic located near a beach or on the coast, but still in an affordable area

    We'd love your recommendations. Feel free to private message me. I know many of these docs and clinics want to remain under the radar.

    Thanks you for your time and suggestions!
  2. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Health Care Options in Ashland, Oregon

    Hi Hubcap,

    Thought I'd give you a couple of links to health care practitioners/practices here in Ashland, Oregon. These two links are just the tip of what's available in this area as far as health care practitioners/practices who focus on more natural approaches to health.

    The first link is to James Jordan's website. He worked with Dr. Mercola for about four years learning the intricacies of live blood microscopy. He used much of this knowledge/experience to recover from his own CFS. He's not a licensed MD, but says he's a Certified Nutritional Consultant. He obviously does much more than that.

    I've anticipated going to see him since attending one of his lectures. His rates are reasonable ($90 for first 1-hour visit; $50 for followup 1/2 hour visits).

    James Jordan - Create Vibrant Health

    This second link has a FIR sauna where you have unlimited access as part of their $40/month membership. It has so much more to offer as well.

    Hidden Springs

    For some reason, Oregon seems to have a lot of "health pioneers" located and practicing in the state. It is also strategically located to Northern California which has some very good and specialized health treatments. There's an LLMD in Redding, CA, who wrote a chapter about his practice in a book entitled, "Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment". I just started reading this book (through interlibrary loan), and would highly recommend it to anybody wanting to learn more about treating Lyme.

    This area in southern Oregon has a lot of natural beauty as well. Ashland itself can be a bit expensive, but we're currently living in a comfortable house paying $900/month rent. Lots of organic foods available, generally at less cost than I see in other parts of the country.

    Anyway, wanted to give just a very brief "glimpse" of life in southern Oregon. Also wanted to bump this up for anybody else who might have some suggestions.

    Good luck in finding a great place for yourselves!

    Best Regards, Wayne

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