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Corporations caught out corrupting science for their own ends

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by SilverbladeTE, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    this is of course, VERY applicable to what we're going through, and I hope it drills into soem folks's heads that corporations are the worst evil we have yet created.
    Subtle, seductive, internal evils are a damn sight more dangerous than the wild eyed external loony/dictator

    note, many of us use Neurontin (Gabapentin)
    and exposes how scum can "bury" diseases etc that are somehow "bad for their businesses"
  2. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    Here is a conundrum: is it really corporations that are responsible, or the whole system of corporate governance and culture? Individual corporations that commit corrupt acts are going outside the law. In other words, some element of the corporation has gone rogue. Now in the case of tobacco the corrupt practices appear to have been very widespread.

    Corporations tend to be a little secretive as they compete with other corporations. I do not know a lot about corporate law, but it appears to me that the problem is that there is not adequate regulation of corporate actions, and insufficient prosection of corporations and their employees (e.g. directors). The is certainly disproportionate influence based on wealth as well. However in cases where they are not violating the law, the corporations are doing what they are meant to. The failure for the most part is that governments have let them do it. This is partly corruption, partly ignorance, and partly complacency.

    I wont bother talking about corruption, it is clear this is a problem for some percentage of corporations.

    A big part of the ignorance angle is due to the slow decline of invesitigative journalism. Part of that decline might well be linked to the growing complexity of these topics, though I agree with those who think the interent is largely to blame. When we have a food critic writing on medical matters, for example, we know they may miss a lot and may fail to understand enough to ask the right questions. Its a real problem for the media who are struggling to stay viable in a more competitive world and who have to cut costs - but at the same time the increasing complexity of the world means they need to hire people with combined degrees such as science/journalism.

    Complacency is another problem entirely. Government representatives are busy. If they don't see a need they wont act. It is people who drive the agenda. If the public doesn't see a need they don't push government. People's perceptions are driven by the media, although the internet is now a big factor there and I don't know enough about internet-driven opinion to comment (even though I write some of it like here on PR). This is why it takes a disaster or scandal to wake people up. Something big has to drive through the complacency.

    In the case of ME and CFS we have strong suspicions of corruption, and several proven cases of corruption within the CDC (see Oslers Web). The complexity of issues within ME and CFS mean the media is mostly clueless. It takes a lot of background knowledge of ME to begin to understand the complexities and so do good reporting. I can name on one hand the journalists who do that.

    Complacency is a big issue we have to deal with, and it mostly comes from ignorance about ME and CFS. We are just "tired', or a little "peaked". Public perception is so very wrong. This is driven in part by masses of bad journalism. The biopsychosocial spin coming out of some countries in Europe just add to this. If more journalists would investigate the severe cases (confined for life in bed in a darkened room) they would see a very different story.

    Bye, Alex
  3. Dreambirdie

    Dreambirdie work in progress

    N. California
    And don't forget fear. Most people are afraid of "scary illness stories," ESPECIALLY ones that do not have happy endings, like most of the stories of PWME. They want to hear stories of disabled people, who heroically overcome their illnesses and climb Mt Everest, or do the Iron Man, or get the Nobel Prize.

    It takes courage to write about something as unpopular with audiences as a serious debilitating chronic disease, and most journalists don't have that.
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  4. mellster

    mellster Marco

    San Francisco
    If you watched the documentary "The corporation" it becomes obvious that people initially just want to have a decent job and even do good if possible, but once caught in the machinery of "the corporation" they together become "evil doers". I mean if you are really serious about this you should be able to tell every single employee of those evil corporation you are targeting that they are doing evil and should quit their job - a tough thing to do, but as long as others are willing to step in or simply need to pay their bills to feed their family this is a tough nut to crack.
  5. Jarod

    Jarod Senior Member

    planet earth
    more stuff on fake bloggers, sock puppets, and tactics

    Good find! I think it might go beyond the corporations though.

    some food for thought:

    more truth suppression

    COINTELPRO.....and much more...
  6. Jarod

    Jarod Senior Member

    planet earth
    In our case, it may be best to start by calling these folks to find out if they know anything about ME/CFS propaganda:

    Maybe they do, or maybe they don't, but be a good place to start IMO.

    Here are three names listed as contacts for the CBT stuff. They might know something....

  7. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    From several folk's posts (Mellster and Alex in particular):

    yes, the problem as I keep saying is that
    Humans in groups, suck cephalopod naughty bits!
    (hope that version is ok with the mods? :p)

    When people form groups, over time they get corrupted, the enrichement and survival of the group becomes the ENTIRETY, not the ethos or purpose it was set up for, not the good of the individuals within, even, absolutely NOT the welfare of the community outside.
    many people simply cannot get this simple ugly truth, they will keep voting for the same party, support same religion, or whatever, regardless of what it does, because they won't see it's anything other than "their" party/group/religion, so they support it to the bitter end.

    Corporations behave as functional psychopaths

    USA in late 1800s passed a law to give corporations certain rights as if they were real "people"
    they are immortal, a "corporation" never dies unlike the rest of us, can you imagine how terrible an immortal Stalin would have been, hm?
    Can people grasp how much of a menace that immortality combined over decades, centuries with INHERITED WEALTH becomes, hm?
    Coporations will hoover up all wealth it the world as time ticks by....they will own your entire NATION, it is utterly inevitable

    Science (that is, logic and "truth") and compassion, are enemies to these people
    Facts get in the way, the fact that you cannot use drugs, vaccines, fossil fuels, depleted uranium etc willy nilly is indeed, "inconvenient" and thus such facts are buried
    The disabled, the poor, the mad, making a society that is safe and tolerant are all of no use to them, because that takes money away from them in tax.
    To quote from a certain Mr E. Scrooge

    The last time Humanity was at such a crossroads, the paradigm shift took Belsen, Auschwitz, Hiroshim and Nagasaki to wake us out of our blind bloody stupor (and please note, IBM, GM and several other corporations were involved with the Nazis mass murder programs)
    This time, it will almost certainly be worse.
    Worse than the extermination camps and atomic bomb, is a class of horror I do not want to imagine, I cannot imagine such, I know it will happen though.
    Fresh water safe from pollution, food safe from toxic adaption of foreign DNA, governments free form being bought out wholesale...are things that are of no short term profit use to corporations.

    Ask yourself why the Weasels/science media centre keep getting involved with us?
    it can only be because we threaten big business and thus also probably government, because that's what they always do such for, it's the ONLY reason they do such for.
    How the hell can us "cripples" threaten Big Business so much we are so thoroughly hammered, the media so filled with bullsh*t stories that you can cure ME with "talking", hm?
    that requires a HUGE *expensive* agenda and effort.
    We are the "canaries in the coal mine"
    17 million must suffer and die, because we threaten to expose...something, some terrible risk to these scumbags.

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