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Composite Fillings - Equally As Toxic as Amalgams?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by sflorence, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. sflorence

    sflorence Senior Member

    Hi all, please give this small(ish) thread a read here. It is two people discussing composite fillings.

    And here is a comment from a blog called "How I recovered", hes a bit of a fanatic but has some decent points. You can find that comment in this article

    "The problem stems from the fillings you had replaced. You should have removed the silver amalgam and went with gold. Instead, you put composites in. Have you read the FULL MSDS and analyzed it fully? You will see the new composites are full of nano-particles of inorganic aluminum, titanium, silicon, or zirconium. All of these, in an inorganic, nano-particle format, are displacing boron from your CSF fluid and slowly lobotomizing you. They are disrupting cellular communication, so messages are scrambled as they get to the cells, so your cells don’t have clear instructions on how to use your PERFECT DNA. Yes, I said perfect, because you, like me, were made in the Lord’s image. We are all equal. Boron is the #2 mineral is CSF fluid. Read: Multi-platform characterization of the human cerebrospinal fluid metabolome: a comprehensive and quantitative update.

    With that being said, what the “safe, composite” metals are now doing in your mouth is called “synergistic toxicity.” You are never going to be working 100% unless you get them out and replaced with gold, nobel gases, ruthium, rhodium, platinum, or palladium. Sorry, but we knew this almost 200 years ago, and this is why most fillings were made of gold at this time."

    So now lets get to our discussion. I have a mouth full of composites (maybe 12 surfaces?) and am extremely sick at the young age of 22. I have a severe case of MCS, and a nasty case of CFS. Not to mention other psychological issues.

    You can easily find the MSDS of whatever is in your mouth by simply emailing/calling your dental office and asking them for the name of the composites they use, then just googling the name followed by MSDS. They may even have the MSDS on hand for you to look at.

    There is some nasty s*** in those composites (pardon my french). There is metal aluminum, nickel, fluoride, BPA, other plastics, chemicals with names that I cannot pronounce (HEMA), ect. If you read the article that I linked you can see that this man claims stuff like HEMA shows up in your liver.

    So how many composite fillings does everyone have? And what are your thoughts?
  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I'll stick with my composite fillings any day (I have 5 along with 3+ caps which may be made of same stuff??) compared to having amalgam in my mouth.

    I'm going to assume the stress this may be causing you, may be doing more harm to you then the small amounts of these other things in you mouth which are like sealed together (its not like the silicone if it does contain this, has bags it can go leaking out from when mixed with the other stuff and minute amount possibly used is nothing like what was used for silicone breast implants).

    You probably would be having far more fluoride each day in the water you are drinkin or from the water you are getting in your diet which has been added to canned food or whatever.

    I did consider things before I started getting amalgams cause I'd read in somewhere like the Nexus magazine (conspiratory mag) that they can be hormone disrupting.. but decided in the end that they were the best choice for me (I'd hate to have a mouth full of gold. I decided on good looks over the very slight risk)

    Stress and stressing over things, causes more vitamins to be needed by the body.
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