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Complement C4a Results

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by Daffodil, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Daffodil

    Daffodil Senior Member

    Hi all. Just wanted to share some test results.

    Almost exactly two years ago, I had my C4a tested, and it was 17728 (normal: 0 - 2830).

    Now, after over a year of Lyme-related treatment under Dr. DeMeirleir, my C4a is 9025.

    I am definitely still very sick and mostly housebound, but in much less agony than I was 2 years perhaps I am on the right track.

    I read that C3a elevation along with C4a elevation could indicate some form of autoimmune disease, but my C3a is normal..

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