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Collagen supplements and amino acids....what is the link to B12? (re: my appearance)

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by CAcfs, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. CAcfs

    CAcfs Senior Member

    I am putting the pieces of this together. I have been looking at pictures of myself, and my physical appearance has been declining over the last year (been sick for years, but appearance is just past year).

    -hair falling out! Very wispy in texture. I now look pretty ill because of it, about 25% of hair left.

    -skin sagging in face, losing youthful texture

    -dark rings around eyes, but had that for years

    These first two things, I'm thinking, MUST be due to lack of amino acids? I have steadily declined my methyl B12 shots over the past year, due to cost, but I doubt that could be the only factor in the hair loss, because I *think* the hair loss started before I declined frequency of the shots (but not sure). The thing is, I eat a great diet (meats, veggies, fruits, whole grains). I am just now taking seriously the "hair skin nails" supplements, which seem to work because of amino acids like L-cysteine. I am also starting a general amino supplement (from whey and soy, NOW brand), and it seems to help my energy. Also starting Collagen I and III (which seems to be basically an amino supplement), and Hyaluronic Acid with Collagen II.

    Two more things....

    -acne has been bad over the past year. It is moreso bumps under the skin's surface, not the poppable or red kind.

    -chelitis of the lips, which causes them to always be peeling (self-diagnosed online). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelitis. I won't post a pic; it looks gross.

    I'm thinking B12 deficiency is the cause of my chelitis. I have been doing my methyl B12 shots less regularly over the past year, and the peeling has been worse.

    I don't think solely a reduction of the B12 shots is the cause of my hair loss (started getting wispy texture Oct last year, started falling out slowly about 6-9 months ago), but who knows. I am thinking, because of my saggy skin and hair loss (both drastic), this must be amino related? Or could this ALL be not enough B12?

    I am now taking methyl, hydroxy, and dibencozide B12, all sublingually, for past month. Who knows if it will help the hair, skin issues.

    I am just wondering if the hair loss, skin texture, acne, etc is primarily a B12 issue, primarily an amino issue, or perhaps adrenal? Which is most likely? I realize they are all connected, but where should I start focusing my efforts? It is getting to the point that I HAVE to do something about the hair loss, or I'll look like a chemo patient by Christmas, which I don't want when seeing family.

    I pretty much know I have problems in all those areas (b vitamins, aminos, adrenals), how could a CFS patient not!, but what exactly could this be? What is standing out to you guys? I need the "brain trust" of Phoenix Rising on this one. Just looking at pics of myself over the past year, it's just getting sad, the decline in my appearance, so I NEED to do something NOW or my folks will cry when they see me over the holidays (eek). Also I have the bad "dark eye rings", but had those forever.

    I would like to see a regular doctor, because the hair loss warrants it, but I'm not sure if I should see a GI doctor, or if that would be a waste of my time. If I can start some supplements that will help the problem, I'd rather do that, because I think a regular doctor will just do a bunch of tests (like GI scans), and find nothing, except I do have slight anemia that isn't related to iron deficiency. But I'm guessing they will tell me they don't know the problem.

    I also have Cortef here, but I'm afraid to take it! Doc prescribed it right before I stopped going last Oct.
  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    At least some of your symptoms could be caused by gut problems, such as inability to absorb nutrients properly and an immune reaction to some proteins. Some common things people benefit from avoiding include gluten, free glutamates (MSG), and foods that contain or provoke the release of histamines.

    Other possibilities to consider include a reaction to dietary salicylates or amines.
  3. CAcfs

    CAcfs Senior Member

    Thanks, Val.

    Sorry I haven't been responding....just been tired.

    I have had severe CFS for 10 years, and chased a lot of possible causes, mostly pathogen causes (viruses, Lyme, cpn, etc). I am now starting to think that this really is some kind of amino acid problem and/or a B vitamin problem. Not like I don't consume these things, but I'm not using them. I do notice that both amino acid supplements, and B vitamins, are two of the ONLY things that make me feel better. So those are really the clues I'm working with.

    I was wondering which deficiency is worse, or which deficiency leads to the other (aka, which is "upstream")? Does lack of B vitamins cause amino acid deficiency, or does lack of amino acids cause B vitamin issues? OR, like you said Val, is it just a gut/absorption issue which is causing both?

    Hmmmm. All things to think about. But anyone who has thoughts or suggestions for me, I'd be open to listening. This "lightbulb" moment for me, that aminos and B's are a big part of this, is finally sinking in, and I'm taking it more seriously now.

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