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cold limbs

Discussion in 'Autonomic, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory' started by snowathlete, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. snowathlete


    ok, so i just had a wierd conversation with my wife.
    I woke up and my arm was cold where it had been outside of the duvet. Often happens. Thing is, after a couple of hours, its still not warm, to the touch it is, but to me my brain still says its cold.
    Thats unusual, even for me, but i told my wife and she was like, "well you cant feel individual limbs temperatures, your just hot or cold all over."

    Now to me, that sounds crazy. I often get a limb that feels cold or hot, when another it the opposite. Practically every night my torso gets hot but my legs and arms feel cold. This is, i thought, how it is for everyone. Am i wrong?
  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    arms and legs can easily feel colder then the torso being body extemetories (I hope i have the right word).
  3. Deatheye

    Deatheye Senior Member

    To be clear I now got a diagnosis of systemic autoimmunity and not CFS. But Since I get what aou are talking about I thought I give my comment anyway.
    I normally have cold hands and feets (cold till the point that it's painfull cold like having them in snow or ice), but normal or even hot on the torso. Sometimes I even notice hot and cold patches on the torso. Areas I feel cold and other areas I feel hot. Also notice this with sweating, sometimes I just start too get heavy sweating on some part on my body. Like just under one arm, or even just a part of the torso.
    But I agree with you there that just feeling hot or cold on the hole body sounds crazy ^^'
    Since I got mediccations against the immune problem I now have more often what your wife thinks is the normal way. But I still don't have it under control.
  4. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    I've had the happening since I first got sick. It's due to poor circulation. To warm up your skin you need an external heat source - electric blanket, warm wife (brace yourself for squealing and/or getting smacked), cranking up the heat.
  5. August59

    August59 Daughters High School Graduation

    Upstate SC, USA
    Same here - Get cold extremities and put something warm on them and in 10 minutes I am sweating my butt off. The best thing I can do is get up and move around even just a little bit and then keep everything at least lightly covered.

    It's obvious in my feet cause if I sit down for 2 minutes my feet are a gothic looking black on the bottom. It's the same if I stand, but not as bad. I have great pulses in my ankles an.d a vascular doctor could not find a thing wrong. I am hypothyroid, but I got the cold or black feet before I hypothyoidism came along and it seems well managed now.

    My cardiologist feels like it is probably the mild inflammation going on because most capillaries are so small they berely pass blood in a completely normal situation.
  6. Parismountain

    Parismountain Senior Member

    South Carolina
    Maybe have your thyroid checked out. You might need synthroid. Just a suggestion.

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