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Cold and achey in mornings regardless of temp ?cortisol / other hormones

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by 3mp0w3r, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. 3mp0w3r


    So I don't get hot flashes or have intolerances to temp during the day. But my usual pattern overnight is that I go to bed warm and wake up fairly cold.

    I know most people have a burst of cortisol and some other hormones in the morning and I think that part is dysregulated. They tend not to investigate this sort of thing in Aus but I was wondering if others have had better luck in other countries. Thyroid function tests were normal. Testosterone within normal range but has been low in past. They did a one off afternoon cortisol that was in reference range but that seemed like a useless test.

    Any suggestions?

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