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chronic, active...or what? Lyme, EBV and co-infections

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by MartinK, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. MartinK


    Hi all!
    Im still new here, but in a short time, I got many useful opinions here! Thanks!

    I would like to do such a little research on some of my results - comparison with yours, and how your doctors responded.
    here in Czech Republic its crazy - every doctor say something different! - and I need them to cope with the right treatment.
    I was on long, long time Lyme, Bartonella and Ehlichia treatment - minocyclines, azithromycines, amoxiciclines, benemicines and entizol, but my fatigue and inflammation feelings are bigger in last 3 months - Im in bed for most time of a day.
    Here is one memory from my childhood - doctors found me late I had a mononucleosis 12 years ago (without treatment - it was overrun, secret)

    My tests are still same:


    EBV/EBNA IgG - 3,200
    EBV/VCA IgG - 8,400
    EBV/EA IgG - 0,200

    EBV/EDNA IgM - 0,100
    EBV/VCA IgM - 0,100


    IgG 1,170
    IgM 1,520
    IgG WB pozitive
    IgG WB negative

    Bartonella Henselae:

    IgM 10
    IgG 320

    All my blood tests here:

    I hope for more opinions, the better I manage to convince my doctor to give me the right treatment.
    Now Im on IVIG and mito support + inflammation reduce therapy, doing my first attempts with ozone therapy and get cold shower (cold shower and weather makes me feel better).
    the most now I'm heading to Valganciclovir for possible chronic EBV - I need to persuade my doctor.

    This is my actuall (worsening) problems:

    - huge fatigue
    - inflammation (primary after morning - legs and body)
    - flu feelings
    - chronic rhinitis (primary after morning)
    - frequent sore throat
    - frequent ulcers (on tonsils primary) neuro problems, brain fog or pain (classic with Lyme!)

    best regards and thanks for other opinions!
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  2. pattismith

    pattismith Senior Member

    Hi @MartinK ,

    I'm not a doc, so take my opinion as it is (a patient one)

    apart from EBV, Borrelia and Bartonella, you also have antibodies against Ehrlichia and Mycoplasma Pneumoniae.

    Although you don't have evidences of active infection, you have some abnormalities in your blood count (moderate neutropenia and thrombocytopenia).

    What is interesting to notice is that some tickborn diseases in their acute form can produce neutropenia and thrombopenia:

    You say that you don't suffer from pain, but:

    - inflammation (primary after morning - legs and body)
    - flu feelings

    isn't it painful symptoms?:)

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