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Christmas appeal for the UK ME Biobank at Royal Free Hospital, London

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by charles shepherd, Dec 1, 2014.

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  2. charles shepherd

    charles shepherd Senior Member

    Remember, remember… the 4th of December | start of our Christmas appeal for the UK ME/CFS Biobank
    Our Christmas UK ME/CFS Biobank Appeal starts at 10am on Thursday, December 4 – which will be the optimum time to make the most of your donation.

    If you can be online to make your donation at the Big Give Christmas Challenge by 10am that morning, it will automatically qualify for matched funding from our sponsors. They have already placed £17,380 in the matched funding pot (which will be available throughout the appeal until it runs out).

    And, if you’re already waiting online to donate at 10am on Thursday, you might be pressing even more of the right buttons!

    This is because our charity champion, Candis magazine, will be distributing 40% of the extra funds they’ve promised to the Big Give Christmas Challenge at that time of day.

    They’ll be giving away another 30% at 10am the following morning – Friday, December 5.

    And the remaining 30% of the Candis money will be given out at 10am on Saturday, December 6.

    To help donors grab a share of the Candis money, the Big Give have a pledging reservations system is place – pretty much like the system used to book West End theatre tickets. Your donation will be held in place for a few minutes to give time for all the details to be entered on the online form.

    The release of the Charity Champion Fund will be staggered over the first three days of the challenge. Matching will pause when the Charity Champion Funds for that day have been exhausted and will resume at 10am the following day.

    From Saturday, December 6, until the close of the appeal at 5pm on December 17, donations will continue to be matched until:

    a) We’ve reached our overall target or;

    b) We’ve matched all of our pledges and the Charity Champion Fund has been exhausted or;

    c) The appeal closes at 5pm on Wednesday, December 17.

    Donations may continue to be made until the close of the appeal on December 17. With luck, we may even come within sight of our original £100,000 target.

    To read more about the biobank project, click HERE.

    To watch a short, 3-minute film about this Christmas appeal, please click HERE.
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