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CFS Tests: Metametrix etc

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by donnie1234, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. donnie1234


    Ive had cfs for 15 years. I was thinking of getting some metametrix tests done on the recommendation of a doctor who used to treat cfs. Has anyone had any experience with these? They are very expensive so i have to be careful as im on a pension. He recommended that TRIAD but im not sure as ive already had the allergy test done before. Here is a list:

    Also, if there are any cheaper alternatives, pls let me know. I live in Australia.

    Im currently following drmyhills treatment protocol as best i can and have had great success with high doses of b6, vit c, magnesium, and i think chromium or selenium. Ive also been taking whey protein shakes every morning for years and cut that out 4 weeks ago and i was so sick!! I think it was a detox reaction. I also have a low, fluctuating body temperature and "borderline hypothyroid" as described by my doc.
  2. richvank

    richvank Senior Member

    Hi, donnie.

    You might consider the ION panel. It probably costs more than the TRIAD, but the additional measurements in it are very helpful. If you have problems with your digestive system, a stool test will be needed to sort them out. The G.I. Effects panel is one possibility. For ME/CFS, I also favor running the methylation pathways panel. People in Australia have ordered it either from the European Laboratory of Nutrients in the Netherlands, or the Health Diagnostics and Research Institute in New Jersey, USA. The blood samples have to be sent with an ice pack (ordinary water ice) via FedEx. The rationale for running the methylation pathways panel can be found in this video (or the pdf slides below the video):$%7Bweburl%7D

    Best regards,


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