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capsule cam endoscopy preliminary screening alternatives ?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Reno, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Reno


    I need to have the capsule cam, endoscopy done but the GI specialist
    keeps wanting me to ingest things i'm allergic to or are toxic to me.
    The first was CT w/ barium contrast after telling him i can't ingest barium he then wanted me to take a Patency capsule that dissolves. Luckily i've learned to investigate everything as it not only releases barium but also lactose! He was told I was borne intolerant. Now he wants me to take OMNIPAQUE 300
    which is another thing I can not take after reading their warnings.

    Is there a nontoxic screening I can do for the preliminary because they won't do the capsule cam unless i get screened for impingements first and for good reason.
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  2. valentinelynx

    valentinelynx Senior Member

    While there is no generally accepted oral contrast alternatives to barium or iodine-based contrasts, I found this intriguing article in which the researchers found a good results using milk as an oral contrast agent. Now, I note that you are lactose intolerant. I wonder if you your GI doc would be willing to try something new (note the publication is from 1999!) and try using lactose-free whole milk?

    Here's the article (from June, 1999, Radiology, Vol. 211, issue 3):
    Abdominal Helical CT: Milk as a Low-Attenuation Oral Contrast Agent

    I had the pill-cam study done — found I had NSAID enteropathy. My small bowel was full of ulcers and partial strictures. I did not have the contrast study with small bowel follow-through before the study. Fortunately, none of my strictures were small enough to impede passage of the pill-cam (it's pretty small - small enough to swallow).

    Good luck!
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