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Can't tolerate valcyte--what shld I do???

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by vli, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. vli


    Hi all,

    I decided I shld perhaps share my problem here so as to get some valuable opinions... I had spent two months waiting for an order for IV vistide to go thru to my doc when I found out two days ago what the sourcing company said they had they didn't, definitively. Meanwhile I had been trying valcyte, at first at two tabs a day then one then half then eventually half a tab every four or more days!! This was the only dose I cld tolerate and following a couple of members' advice I stopped. Now that I can't get vistide, I'd like to go back on val but my mom, my caregiver does not want me to go back to the bedbound state of needing her to prepare all my meals and other caregiving chores if i took one or even half a tab a day. I've read here that if I took such low doses I cld make the HHV resistant. I was thinking an alternative cld be to take nexavir instead for my HHV6 but obviously that's not a drug and there's no "dr Lerner or Montoya protocol". I do have many vials of it however and know that it hits my viruses as I get major detox from it every time. What does anyone think of using nexavir as an "AV" where I can only tolerate half tabs of valcyte every few days, and does anyone know any "protocols"???

    Thanks so much.

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