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Cancer advice needed for my cousin.. sorry off topic..

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by learner2life, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. GcMAF Australia

    GcMAF Australia Senior Member

    she could try GcMAF http://www.gcmaf.eu/info/index.php?...d-ebv-herpes-zoster&catid=6:research&Itemid=2
    or the MAF yogurts
    as Ian says there is also some evidence of low pH in blood of cancer people
    Also antinflammatory diet and cucurmin (mentioned above) is being tested in cancers
    Always cancer people benefit from added vitamin D
    also look at www.revealtherapies.com/ which is doing trials with cancer people in China
  2. Dainty

    Dainty Senior Member


    It sounds to me like the best way to help her is to assist her in finding a physician who will manage/advise all these things on her behalf: hormones, diet, supplements, etc. A movement called Functional Medicine was recently brought to my attention which, as far as I can tell, basically just trains a doctor to do what we've all found is so essential, that is to examine every aspect that can affect health (lifestyle, environmental, emotional, hormonal, diet, immune system, etc) and actively manage that on the patient's behalf.

    I have no experience with this style of medical approach myself, but it sounds like something that would significantly improve the level of care and direction she receives. Here is the directory where she might find one in her area.

    Physicians who practice in this manner can be MDs, DOs, NDs (Naturopathic Doctors), NPs (Nurse Practitioners), or even a few others whose letters I can't make out. So whatever type she's comfortable with, it sounds like she should be able to find someone willing to initiate and manage the breadth of care she's currently missing out on.
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  3. GcMAF Australia

    GcMAF Australia Senior Member

    good points Dainty
  4. learner2life

    learner2life David Pain

    Tijuana-San Jose, Ca
    Yeah, I guess am just going to stay out of it. I actually did get her some supplements and explained a little bit why I wanted her to try them, but it has to pass her doctor's approval. She feels the doctor is very good. I was really trying to help prevent her glutathione from dropping from the chemo, but it sounds like the doctor may be aware of it. I'm not sure. But, hopefully she gets great treatment and has a great recovery. I'm just not a credible enough source to provide any reliable input on the matter to be taken seriously. That's not really important though, just as long as she gets heallthy. Thanks for the advice. There were alot of things I had never heard of before. That's cool.
  5. xks201

    xks201 Senior Member

    Innate Source makes good probiotics that are not enteric coated. Enteric coating actually makes probiotics stick to the coating and not to your intestines. Have your cousin get those and please have her thyroid completely checked...reverse t3, t3, t4, tsh, free t3, free t4. Adrenal testing should be done thoroughly. I would assume she has other symptoms like IBS, fatigue, or something, right? Sex hormones should be checked.

    The biggest mistake is to not like at the whole body when cancer breaks out. There is weakness most likely in more than one place during cancer.
  6. Rlman

    Rlman Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    probably helps to have raw food diet, multiple enemas daily, maybe try Oasis of Healing in Arizona, give them a call if affordable, or Gerson therapy, mexican cancer clinics, hippocrates health institute, 714x, looks like she needs medical supervision

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