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Can orthodontic braces cause CFS?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Meruem, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Meruem


    Almost 3 months ago at 18th of May I went to the orthodontist and he changed the archwire of my braces to a new wider one.Back then it was only 2 months that I had been wearing the braces and only in my upper teeth with no problems.But after he changed my archwire to a new one,the same night I had some teeth pain,jaw pain and headache which I thought was normal.

    The next day the jaw pain and the headache got worse and in the afternoon I noticed that my lymph nodes under my jaw were swollen and they were jaw also started making weird noises in the left side joint.I didn't pay any attention It was annoying but I went out for a drink and in like 2 hours I got this awful pain in both my legs.It was so intense that I went home immediately.

    I ate some ice cream and before I went to sleep my stomach started making noises.The next morning I woke up with abdominal pain and I had diarrhea and then the pain disappeared and then came back and I had diarrhea again and again for days.My jaw stopped hurting but it still made this noise.I also noticed that I was more tired than usual and I wasn't feeling unrefreshed when I wake up and also I had the foggy feeling in my head along with headaches.So after 10 days I had diarrhea,headache,unrefreshing sleep/fatigue,brain fog and swollen lymph nodes.

    Then my stomach became better and the diarrhea stopped but my legs started hurting more and more.Then for like a week I the headache got worse than ever,I couldn't do anything.It got better after that but still after that week my head was different and the fatigue too.So after a month I had headaches,fatigue/unrefreshing-sleep,post-exertion malaise,brain fog,swollen lymph nodes,joint pain,occasional diarrhea and also sensitivity to noise and ringing in the ears.Then my muscle starting twitching mostly in the legs and I also started having weakness in my legs.

    So up to this day my symptoms are:

    -Fatigue:Unrefreshing sleep,post-exertional malaise

    -Brain fog:Trouble concentrating,finding the right word etc.

    -Joint pain:mostly in the knees but sometimes in my elbows

    -Ears symptoms:It's so loud in my head when it's quiet outside,especially when I go to sleep it's so loud that I have difficulty falling asleep,sensitivity to noise for example when someone talks to me from the left side my left ear does this weird thing something like an oscillation and my head starts hurting

    -Swollen lymph nodes:under the jaw and in the neck

    -IBS:Diarrhea once a week,bloating etc.

    -Muscle weakness:Mostly legs

    -Headaches:Mostly in the left side of my head and pressure behind the eye

    -Muscle twitching:Mostly in my legs and toes

    -Dizziness,lightheadedness when I'm walking for more than 15 minutes

    -Sensitivity to alcohol:I noticed that whenever I drinking a beer or something I feel like shit immediately so I stopped drinking

    My blood work is normal,I had slightly elevated white blood cells(10,6) at the beginning but now everything is back to normal(ESR it's 3) negative for lupus,thyroid and abdomen ultrasound clear,EMG(electromyography) was clear,RA negative,Positive for EBV and CMV igG not igM which is common,chest X-ray clear.Only a bit Vit D deficiency 17mg.

    Is it a coincidence that all started at the same time with the new archwire and the jaw pain?
    I asked the orthodontist and he said there's no way that can be cause by braces.I had TMJ and crossbite that's why I got them.I'm 21 male by the way and I see my life disappearing in 3 months and I can't find what's wrong with me.

    No one believes me they all say it's in my head.They are all healthy so how would they understand I didn't expect more..
    Anyway the braces are made from titanium but I have no contant dermatitis and the symptoms didn't start right after I got the braces but months later and allergy to titanium is very rare(0,6% of the population).But,I've found these connections to CFS and titanium allergy:
    it says:

    "Recently, 56 patients developed severe health problems (muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue syndrome) after receiving titanium dental implants, orthodontic braces or endoprostheses [43]. In a prospective study monitoring 1500 patients with dental implants over a three-year period, titanium allergy appeared following implant placement "

    and also in the MELISA site:
    it's highly unlikely that is the case but I think it's worth testing because if it's positive all I have to do to get better is get rid of these braces

    I also suspect osteomyelitis of the jaws:
    But I have no pain or swelling in my jaw but I could be a rare case of Chronic osteomyelitis.
    I never had root canals so a cavitation is not something that makes sense I don't think it can be cause by braces.

    I found this site:
    It seems very helpful and I'm thinking of testing everything it says there,check it out if you haven't already.Especially Parvovirus B19 infection and Human herpesvirus 6 infection.The first one has similar symptoms of what I experienced and there is a cure,but the igm disappears in like 2 to 3 months so I have to get tested asap,because the cure is expensive and it does nothing if parpovirus is not the cause.HHV-6 if your test indicates you have an active infection you can take a medicine and go up two lever on the energy point score and that's very important.I also want to test for gut bacteria.

    I'm also curious if a jaw injury can cause all this because I felt like my left side of the jaw was injured back then and the headache,and the ear problems are mostly in the left side.Also something weird I forgot to mention,my left tonsil is swollen but the low part of it and it doesn't hurt,my tongue also has this white coating and some weird marks under it.I want to go to a jaw surgeon and an ear,throat,nose doctor but I'm afraid that I'll get no answers.

    What else should I test.If no test or medicine helps me what should I do to recover?Is there anyone who recovered completely or at least went to 8 at at the energy point score?I don't want to give up already but with all the things I read about CFS I sometimes feel that there's no hope and I dont feel like I can live years or decades like this.I'll definitely kill myself at some point.

    All my dreams and the things I want to do in my life are now impossible and I'm completely alone I don't speak with anybody but my parents and sometimes 1-2 friends and of all of those people nobody believes I'm actually sick.I even went to a psychiatrist and she said I'm fine in my mind and they still don't believe me.If you have any ideas of things I haven't thought of that could save me please help me.Sorry for the long post this is my first post here and my english are not perfect.finally,if there's anyone else that got sick with braces please tell me so we can figure this out together.
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  2. Meruem


    I forgot to ask you guys,did anyone improve with homeopathy?
  3. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    Can you be more specific in your question? If it is a general question about ME/CFS and homeopathy, it should be discussed in a thread about homeopathy. If it is in relation to one of your symptoms described above, let us know which one(s) so members can respond specifically.
  4. overtheedge

    overtheedge Senior Member

    Is this orthodontist also a dentist? Cause when you mention dentist and CFS the first thing that comes to mind is Mercury in amalgam fillings, I have read that the mercury vapor in some dental offices from these fillings can be enough to harm individuals and it seems plausible some people are more susceptible than others to such which could, alternatively to you being someone who is susceptible to titanium allergies, be an explanation, could go either way. ringing in the ears can be a symptom of mercury poisoning from what I've read

    I'm sure there are a lot of people who know a great deal more than me about mercury poisoning around here, I can't say too much, I've read about it but there are different theories on how it harms people, how it should be detected, and how to chelate it and I haven't personally been helped by them though I don't think I've been mercury poisoned. I've had two dozen EDTA chelation rounds done by IV in hopes that maybe mercury or lead was my problem but I can't really say if I have had any improvement from them or not. I improved slightly during that time but I was also using a lot of other supplements. IV's of this sort ran me around $150 per round so heads up and there were vitamin IVs done after every third chelation IV to make sure such aren't depleted as chelation can cause problems for the kidneys and also, I want to say, to the liver so check make sure any organs that could be adversely affected by chelation are healthy through blood tests if you go the chelation route.

    I know a lot of people subscribe to Andy Cutler's work on the chelation of mercury and other heavy metals but I haven't tried his methods but it might be an area to explore. A lot of people write about him on curezone, I'll post a link to the specific forum I think they also have a general chelation forum there. Also, if you have amalgam fillings you will probably have to have them removed by a dentist who has experience with that sort of thing and can do things to keep them from overloading your system with mercury as they are removed.

    Hope it helps
  5. Meruem


    nope,never had amalgam fillings
  6. Ambrosia_angel

    Ambrosia_angel Senior Member


    If you had a bad allergic reaction to a chemical either on the braces or used when applying the braces then yes. You can also have an allergic reaction without contact dermatitis.

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