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can my ME be caused by infection of vagus nerve by herpes viruses

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by lauluce, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. lauluce

    lauluce as long as you manage to stay alive, there's hope

    my first symptoms where paresthesias starting at the tongue and then spreading to to back of the throat, face, scalp, etc. accompanying this where canker sores at the palate that lasted for many months, the only objectively measurably symptom. 2 years after first symptoms, I experience both genital and lip herpes, having not had any sexual relationship before. In the last month, ulcers appeared again alongside new herpes lesions, and and increase in pharesthesia. I suspect All of this might be caused by herpes simplex virus I (of which I have a very high igg antibody count) infecting my peripheral nervous system... looking at one of the pictures in the thread I'm quoting I noticed how close of the area where I have worse paresthesia (te highest parts of the back of my throat) the vagous nerve starts... what do you think? might I have an herpesvirus infection of the vagus nerve? note; I have also all the classic symptoms of ME: fatigue, postexcertional malaise, POTS, you name it

  2. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    The idea that ME/CFS might be caused by a chronic infection of the vagus nerve is only a hypothesis. There is no evidence that such vagus nerve infections exist, and even if these infections did exist, there is no known way to diagnose them in a living person — only through a post mortem examination might a vagus infection be detected.
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  3. Pyr2


    You describe my symptoms. Mine started with burning mouth syndrome. Then my tongue felt odd, like prickly. Then a raw burning down the back of my throat, but not when I swallowed. This all happened over a course of a few weeks. I also have tongue spasms, feel like it pulling down my throat, teeth tighten together as if in a vice. Feel my tonsils twisting in pain, radiates to ear and then then I get heart palpitations with it. They are like ATTACKS. Occasionally, I also wake up out of sleep 20 minutes into it with sickening dying feeling as if Im gasping for air. I went to a neurosurgeon who told me I had atypical glossopharangeal neuralgia or some type of atypical facial pain. All of our throat apparatus are near the vagus nerve. Also, these viruses live in our oropharnyx so makes sense. At least it does when Im answering you! In the midst of it, NOTHING makes sense to me and I still get so scared, like "how can this possibly be a virus?"
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