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Building Biology, MCS, EHS, Mold, Light, Mercury, and CFS

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Sam7777, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Sam7777

    Sam7777 Senior Member

    I basically figured out what has kept from doing mercury detox and basically kept me in a state of CFS.

    It's sick building syndrome. I misunderstood how it works and how it affects energy levels, I've learned slowly and hard over the last year though. My disclaimer, is that I don't think everyone with ME has sick building syndrome or mercury, and I don't understand the infections- but you have to concede that a lot of people with ME have mercury, and a lot of mercury toxic people have infections and Lyme's. The amount of Lyme's plus mercury patients is damning in and of itself.

    What I found is that if I camp or I stay in a house with the windows and doors open for at least and it must be three days, my heavy depression and fatigue abate by about 60%+. Like it's like someone turning on a lightbulb really.

    Honestly I think what is happening to people with CFS is what is happening to the honey bees. Same exact thing basically. It's a combination of non native electromagnetic frequencies and radio frequency and artificial lighting and electrical surrounding combined with pollution, mostly metals and antibiotics and the chemicals from building material Indoor Air quality outgassing, VoC's, etc, combined with severe chronic infections and infection events, often times parasites, and well mold. Fungi kill the bee's and people don't fare well with mold toxic buildings either.

    This stuff is real enough and will really mess you up. Indoor lighting and wires and phones are absolutely terrible, cold thermogenesis is extremely effective, and building biology in particular is probably one of the biggest break through in environmental health and preventative medicine. I don't think it's a stretch to say that peoples indoor environments are basically bankrupting the country medically, since most all of these chronic conditions seemed to be tied back to building biology, circadian health, diet, IAQ, mold, nnRF, outgassing, etc. The food obsession has done my ass in the last decade and gotten me nowhere. There's just no way in hell you can huff mold and wifi signal and indoor paint and adhesive fumes and all the other horrible things that houses and offices are made of, and eat a paleo diet and get better.

    By the time environmental sensitivities and food allergies set in, someone already has deep mitochondrial issues I would argue. I got really good at avoiding and mitigating food for a decade, but never my actual living environment. I'm about to do both, because otherwise I'm not gonna get better. It is true, that there's more affecting people than food and the indoor environment, this group is probably deeply underestimating general pollution exposure, not to mention the complication from toxic prescription drugs, but you've gotta realize by the time you've gotten these sensitivities and diseases you'll have to change your home, office, and diet before you can even address the environmental circumstances. I always kind of figured Paleo wouldn't be enough to explain what was wrong with me, it just helped early on in my early 20's such a great amount, I stayed with it. It was good for healing, but I knew food was never what had gotten me so far upstream, it had to be modernity and pollution and artificial environments. Food is a symptom, and a manner in which the immune system reacts. It's no coincidence that there's an epidemic of auto-immune diseases, that's all people do is 'react' the immune 'reacts' to food/water/air/light, I see a pattern Lol.

    I advised to a friend as well that they *consider or at least attempt yourself to do a work over of your house to look for sources of issues, ideally with a building biologist. In my case I could save neither home, and keeping my room open like they mentioned and still getting exposed to the rest of the house hasn't done me any good. Well I should say the only reason I am not homeless is because I stayed in a room with open windows, but that 10 minutes of exposure a day in the rest of the house keeps me in a state of CFS, so I have to move into a van now. One house had chemical laden carpets, a smoker, and tons of mold, the other had a garage full of extreme building chemicals and paint and automobile fluids. Neither house is safe or ever will be for an Environmental Illness Patient, because that little exposure each day just triggers the entire condition, a type of function of multiple chemical sensitivity where your adrenal function flips out, I learned that process from MD Lisa Nagi who explained just how your adrenals plateau with normal exposure.

    My immune system has a 0 tolerance basically. I can't get exposed or I dip back into CFS, my adrenal just kick out on the 3rd day and my whole personality and metabolism and digestion changes. So for me this chronic fatigue is tied into my EI and MCS.

    I believe I need to fix my circadian biology and detox the mercury and avoid the bad houses and work places to get better. This means I have to 'ground', which is a controversial area, it means I have to avoid cellphones and wifi signals, I have to get a lot of outdoor sun, change the lighting in my van to full spectrum halogen bulbs, and sleeping in the van is the equivalent of sleeping with the breaker flipped off in the house, the romex cables in the wall could contribute to the burden.

    I know when I first had a severe mercury incident I became hyper sensitized to computer screens for two months. I almost could not look at a tv or computer screen without feeling like I was going to have a seizure. This is not a coincidence. And now I can tolerate my screens because I use the F.lux app to filter out most of the blue light that is so damaging, but I still can't use a cellphone or wifi on the phone because it sends neuropathic pain up my arm. Being inside the sick houses' and cig smoke causes neuropathic pain as well. Detergents and fragrances give me leg neuropathy, which is very scary.

    I hope these details won't overwhelm people, but if you have questions please ask, because I know this is an out of left field post for many here.
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  2. PatJ

    PatJ Forum Support Assistant

    Several years ago I was so sensitive at times that a single glance at a computer monitor or TV could make me feel sick for hours afterward, including a feeling of internal vibrating like electricity running along my nerves.

    I've been hypersensitive to lighting and computer monitors for more than a decade. It was one of my first symptoms along with fatigue.

    At the moment I can somewhat tolerate the screen on my old laptop as long as the screen is dimmed and set to white text on a black background. I can't tolerate modern screens for more than a few seconds before my brainfog starts to rapidly increase.

    Curiously, vitamin D makes my hypersensitivity symptoms much worse. I'm more sensitive, develop headaches on monitor exposure (or exposure to LED or fluorescent lights) and can even develop ataxia (walking as if I'm intoxicated). Some probiotics will also increase my sensitivity (such as Kyo Dophilus 9).

    Brightness has a direct influence on how long I can tolerate a light or monitor. For lighting I'm limited to incandescent since I can't tolerate other types of lighting.

    What settings do you use for f.lux?
  3. xena

    xena Senior Member


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