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Breakspear, KDM or other suggestion? Should I go?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Gecko, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Gecko


    I recently had a consultation with Jean Munro at the Breakspear clinic. Consultation was £210 and the recommended initial tests are around £3250 including a neurologist appointment with Dr Peter Julu.

    I do not have this kind of money but is it worth me obtaining it and continuing with this treatment.

    have you read up much on or heard many experiences with this clinic and doctors?

    Or would I be better off finding someone different like KDM or (any other suggestion?)

    All suggestions and comments welcome :)
  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    I think KDM would be the best option, and is at about the same price range as what you're quoting for Breakspear (though consults are a lot cheaper with KDM). Breakspear doesn't seem to treat aggressively, possibly due to the atmosphere in the UK toward treating ME patients, and they only specifically mention peripheral or supporting treatments.

    Their recent newsletter also suggested exercising more while recovering from "chronic fatigue" with no mention that it would be very inappropriate for ME patients to do so. My general impression is that they don't really understand what ME is, compared to CDC CFS or Oxford CF.
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  3. minkeygirl

    minkeygirl But I Look So Good.

    Left Coast
    I've also heard that Breakspear will charge you left and right for things, a phone call to go over labs etc. Anything to get money out of people.

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