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Biomed Central on CDC XMRV study

Discussion in 'Media, Interviews, Blogs, Talks, Events about XMRV' started by Sasha, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

    Comments on the Switzer CDC study are on the front page of Biomed Central's site (as I'm writing - it's a constantly updated stream of comments so who knows what will be up there when you look!).

    I take it that Biomed Central publishes the online journal Retrovirology, among other things. This looks like a good spot for concise, well informed criticism of the CDC study; particularly on their apparent failure to detect XMRV in the samples provided by WPI.

    It's high profile so if you are foggy and upset and want to rant, please don't do it there! :Retro wink: It's a good place for those with a research background to tell it like it is to other scientists.

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