Despite Our Losses, People with ME/CFS Want More
We've been cheated by ME/CFS and we all know it. That's a no-brainer, if you'll pardon the cognitive pun. And loss didn't just result from the bad things that befell us. It also encompasses the good things that just ... never came. The absence of bounty. Of wholeness. Of peace.
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Bill Halkett - The Daily Observer --

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    XMRV -- New virus found in chronic fatigue syndrome patients

    How many readers know someone who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Malgic Encepholomyelitis. (CFS/ME)? In 1996, Hillary Johnson wrote a book titled Osler's Web Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic. This book is at the Pembroke library. I highly recommend reading it.

    XMRV stands for Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-related Virus. This is a mouthful for such a tiny thing. XMRV is a newly identified human retrovirus that is similar to a group of mouse retroviruses which scientists have known of for years. It was first identified in 2006 in tissue samples from men with prostrate cancer. This is a virus that has been found in 95 per cent (plus) of all chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients. This little-known virus may cause, or at least contribute to, people with CFS. Worldwide, more than 17 million people have CFS. Scientists say they have made a potential breakthrough in understanding what causes chronic fatigue syndrome. They suggest that a single retrovirus known as XMRV does play a role and has been linked to prostate cancer.

    Scientists have determined that CFS patients in a recent study were either infected with live XMRV or are making antibodies that show their immune systems have mounted an attack against XMRV, and now have the virus under control.

    You, the readers in the Pembroke area, please take the time to research and find out what this is all about. This is an insidious virus and is extremely difficult to find. You have to know what you're looking for!

    Researchers at the Imperial College in London and King's College in London have conducted a new study, which shows there's no evidence of XMRV playing a role in CFS. This is because they did not know exactly what they were looking for. This is a wrong statement because they were unable to actually find the virus. As I said, it is difficult to find. This XMRV virus is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde virus. The more they learn about it, the more we can see how it could excite retrovirus virologists. This is a pathway of keys to perhaps solving many illnesses.

    Some XMRV facts are as follows:

    * A study recently published found the XMRV retrovirus in 95 per cent of the CFS patients tested.

    * It has been found in two major areas in prostate cancer and it can damage the heart.

    * XMRV is a human retrovirus and is similar to HIV.

    * The virus is contagious and can be transmitted through blood and other body fluids such as semen and breast milk. It has also been found in urine.

    * It is not an airborne contagion.

    * In a recent small study XMRV virus was found in 40 per cent of autism patients tested.

    * Just like you can't have AIDS without HIV, it is believed you won't be able to find a case of chronic fatigue syndrome without XMRV.

    * The link between XMRV and lymphoma is also being investigated and it may be linked to other cancers.

    * Retrovirus like XMRV has also been shown to activate a number of other latent viruses. This could explain why so many viruses such as Epstein-Barr virus, which is causing links to Burkett's and other lymphoma, and has been associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    This news has implications not only for CFS/ME patients, but for the general population as well, as almost four per cent of the general population tested positive for this retrovirus. These findings concerned the National Cancer Institute enough to call a closed-door meeting in July to discuss the public health implications of XMRV.

    This discovery opens a whole new avenue of neuroimmune disease-related research and has brought to this field world-renowned immunologists and collaborators to translate this discovery into new treatments as soon as possible.

    Because this retrovirus is known to cause inflammatory diseases, neurological disease, immune deficiencies and cancer, the discovery of XMRV has far-reaching implications. It can be a key in the search for the prevention and treatment of not only lymphoma, and the complications of CFS, but prostate cancer and perhaps many others.

    Ask your self why have I not heard of it before. CFS is a word that insurance companies do not want to hear because it is a lifetime of payout. Very little monies are being spent to date, however as we the public hear and learn more about XMRV, more and more dollars will flow into this research. I personally believe that this discovery and breakthrough will change many lives. I ask as a retired senior that you think, learn, research and discuss this virus. This research is a long and difficult path to follow, but will lead to many discoveries. Get to know what is XMRV.

    Next week: Jayson Tarzwell.

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  2. Jemal

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    Now, this is a positive article. Need more of those when starting my day :)
    Thanks for sharing.
  3. Francelle

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    Some huge leaps of knowledge in this article which are not confirmed yet. Was this written by a journalist or a reader of the newspaper?
  4. pictureofhealth

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    Its an article, so it looks as if it must have been written by a journalist, rather than being a comment by a reader. However, I could not find any evidence of a 'Bill Halkett - journalist' in Google - although there is a photographer of that name. Definitely not written by a 'Science Writer' as he refers to 'prostrate' cancer. Hmmmm. Nice piece though and just the kind of article an informed ME patient would want to write/read/have taken seriously!
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    He says he's retired.

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