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big inflamation feelings with fatigue

Discussion in 'Pain and Inflammation' started by MartinK, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. MartinK


    hi everyone!
    any doctor from Czech Republic couldnt me help and explation one of my biggest symptom/problem...

    I'm writing to ask if anyone has the same problems - and someone has managed and eliminate them...

    Last 4 years I woke up with big inflamation feelings (biggest in my legs, which feels very heavy)
    Every morning is the same, fatigue is huge and I started day very slowly.

    If I stay longer time (30 minutes) my body starts pain - legs and back, inflamation is bigger and I need to sit or lie down. If I slow walk, its a little bit better. Staying is biggets killer for me!

    This symtoms are pretty simmilar if you got a flu - muscles and bones fatigue, inflamation...
    Touch something cold is very calming.

    This symptoms stops me from day by day - I was on lyme antibiotics protocols long time, but the results never showed a clear lyme infection in many times...
    CD 57 and leukocytes was no good but now is in borders.

    in recent months, flu symptoms have worsened and Im lying big part of day. Every morning bigger inflamation - Im completely destroyed after getting up out of bed and my parents needs to help me with cooking and other things.

    In this time Im looking for some informations of other Czech CFS patients to Kenny De Meirleir:

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