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Bed Bound/Home Bound ME/CFS Study NYC region

Discussion in 'Active Clinical Studies' started by catly, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. catly

    catly Senior Member

    outside of NYC
    Dr. Natelson announced at the Pathways to Prevention meeting with NIH on 12/10/2014 that he is actively recruiting for a study of bed bound/home bound patients in the New York City area.

    Someone will come to your house for the study.

    There is no further details on the study on his website but you can find the contact information for his office at this link.

    He also has several other studies underway for patients that can travel to his office in Manhattan.

    This is a critical research need for ME/CFS patients so if you are house/bed bound or know of another patient that is please consider participating and/or spreading the word.

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