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Autoimmunity Question

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by PhoenixBurger, May 5, 2013.

  1. PhoenixBurger

    PhoenixBurger Senior Member

    This is a general question on autoimmunity.

    Is it common for a person with an autoimmune disorder developing, to show "positive" for antibodies to diseases that are not currently present, but were in the past?

    There is a syndrome called IRIS where this happens, but its a very strange phenomenon. People who once had CMV may show positive IGG (acute) infection antibodies even when no acute infection is happening. Same goes for other already-resolved infections from their past. The key is that they always test negative on the actual PCR looking for viral replication. There is none.

    When someone has autoimmunity developing, in general, is this a common thing to see? Positive antibody tests to things but negative PCR's? Or does this seem to be fairly rare and not usually associated with traditional autoimmune disease...

  2. Legendrew


    I have heard of diseases where you get large clonal expansion of a wide variety of antibodies so I guess it's possible

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