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Attention Deficit (ADD) or just part of CFS?

Discussion in 'Cognition' started by wonderoushope, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. wonderoushope

    wonderoushope Senior Member

    I'm a little bit confused what to do.

    I will say long before I had a CFS issues (although I am now wondering if they were there but not so visible).I had really bad issues with concentrating and organising (really since a young kid, if it didn't interest me I would switch off quickly). I am very messy and I know it's not from a lack of trying. I find it very overwhelming and tiring trying to get my brain to organise. I also find it hard to add numbers in my head, like even simple ones because I quickly forget the first numbers. I had always suspected I had ADD, but never got a diagnosis because well it's hard to get it properly diagnosed in Australia (finding a decent psychiatrist that actually knows their stuff). Plus my dad got diagnosed with biploar in my early 20's and I just had issues with been medicated.

    Fast forward to now, and at the moment my symptoms of motivation and concentration is pretty bad and I also have times now where I don't care about the world and my life (but it seems to quickly dissipate). Sometimes that feeling can last a few weeks, but mostly a day here or there and then it goes. I do feel though it coincides with when my gut is playing up and I start to feel quite fatigued and have brain fog.

    My psychologist also wonders if I have Bipolar II because I also can get very angry all of a sudden and impatient and on edge. I also get very sensitive sounds and get angry from that too. It comes out of nowhere (not completely true I usually notice it when my gut is really bloated and uncomfortable and so makes me crabby). I again had these outburst when I was younger but they were pretty minimal. It seems lately it is happening more and more.

    So I am confused if this is actually and underlying issue with CFS or on top of it all have either ADD/biploar.

    I will say my whole life I have never been energetic, always been fatigued (not to the extent I am now) and I had pretty much gut issues since I was a teenager.

    I think I will try and concentrate on trying to heal the gut first before I get any diagnosis from a psychiatrist. I just wondered has anyone else had this issue? What would you do?

    I'm just guess I am confused if actually have something like ADD or CFS is causing me to have attention issues.
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  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    @wonderoushope - Do you eat things with MSG/yeast extract/E621 (monosodium glutamate)? It's an excitatory neurotransmitter, and might also explain the gut symptoms at the same time.
  3. wonderoushope

    wonderoushope Senior Member

    @Valentijn - I try not to because all those things seem to be an issue. Occasionally I will slip up with yeast, but very rarely. Also, histamine type foods seem to be an issue for me I think. I am just going a low histamine diet. I tend to not have additives and keep processed foods very low.

    I do notice when I go on an elimination diet my mood tends to be much better and I can think more clearly. Although, when introducing foods back in I would get varying results each time, so I am wondering if it's more a histamine issue, where my bucket limit threshold fills up.
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  4. tudiemoore

    tudiemoore Senior Member

    Southeast U.S.
    Wonderoushope--I have ADD and CFS--make a pretty awful pair--
    There is a fair amount of stuff on the web re: Adult ADD, mostly on some psych websites, etc.

    Right now I can only think of vague book titles, first names--sorry--
    Book title, something like "Curing ADD" by Daniel Amen, is foggily coming to the forefront--no, sorry it got stalled somewhere--

    Oh, here's another--"Driven to Distraction" by ????
    There is a very decent ??? thing, paper,etc. out thereto help you determine your possible--ability, seriousness ??? in having this--Daniel Amen's website I think.

    I am more fogged right now than I thought--nap--
    Lots of info there--and to me CFS makes ADD look like a piece of cake--
    Any questions, etc. let me know--
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  5. Basilico

    Basilico Florida

    My husband has had ADD for all his life, though it did get worse after college. His ADD is noticeably worse if he hasn't slept well. Do you ever notice ADD symptoms being worse if you haven't slept well or have eaten particular kinds of foods?

    My husband doesn't take medication, even though his ADD is fairly severe. He focuses on coping techniques and general awareness of things he needs to do to be somewhat functional (for example, if he is caught in mental loops, it often helps him to talk about what he's stuck on rather than trying to distract himself or try to ignore the problem, which doesn't work at all.) He also uses timers a lot to either keep on task or as a reminder to take breaks, which he would otherwise forget.

    If you are interested in reading more about the gut/brain connection:


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  6. Webdog

    Webdog Senior Member

    Due to my concentration problems, I was diagnosed with ADD (by a psychiatrist) 12 years ago after a short questionnaire.

    Prescribed stimulants helped with concentration short term, but my health declined considerably.

    Neurocognitive testing a year ago showed the ADD diagnosis was incorrect. So I have ME/CFS, but not ADD. :(

    I would also note that according to Dr. David Bell:
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  7. wonderoushope

    wonderoushope Senior Member

    Thanks so much for info! Sorry to hear you were misdiagnosed.

    Actually I have a feeling a lot of the concentration issues has to do with long term fatigue.

    I have been tracking things fairly rigorously these last few months (in a mood and food diary) because of food sensitivity issues and from it have noticed that when my gut health is really bad, so is my mind. After 2 months, things have started to pick-up and am finally coming out of fatigue and can do things throughout the day and my concentration has picked up, depression has lifted as well. I still think I have concentration issues, but then again my energy isn't at 100%. Will be interested to see if things can further improve.

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