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Astonishing Wessely Quote's

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by AndrewB, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. AndrewB

    AndrewB Senior Member

    England, UK
    Sorry in advance is these quote's make your blood curdle, i know they enraged me.

    On 15th April 1992 ;

    a very large number of drop?outs from treatment, largely related to the fear these patients had, albeit inappropriately,of accepting that their disorder was all in the mind.

    In April 1994 during a presentation

    I will argue that ME is simply a belief, the belief that one has an illness called ME I will argue that this line here (overheadslide) represents not the line between low and high cortisol responses but the line between real and unrealillness.

    Wessely then said ;

    there is another condition with which ME might easily be confused,and it is hysteria

    In 1995 he continued his campagin of disinformation ;

    As an observer of the social scene, I know that ME is defined by the sufferers themselves and he described ME asa social belief system

    That last one really got to me, im being accused of being delusional now ???

    During the late 90s and into early 2000's the official stance was that ME was indeed a genuine illness and that govenment ministers had to agree,
    apprently Wessely didnt get the memo, he continued his propaganda in any arena that would be host to him ;

    Like it or not, (ME) CFS is not simply an illness, but a cultural phenomenon and metaphor of our times

    Sounding like he attempting to be a modern day plato his babble is often quite bizarre, but sometimes extremely revealing,
    perhaps non more than the following quote, which indicates a man who feel's his field as a specialist is being undermined ;

    "If one reads the angry responses to any article that mentions chronic fatigue syndrome and psychiatry in the same breath, it is clear that the drive to find an (organic) biomarker for chronic fatigue syndrome is driven not so much by a dispassionate thirst for knowledge but more by an overwhelming desire to get rid of the psychiatrists"

    And, it just gets' better and better ;

    Though disordered immunity and persisting viral infection have recently attracted attention, it is important that immunologists do not deflect attention away from the wider (ie.psychiatric) aspects of the chronic fatigue/post viral syndrome

    My local book shop has just given ME the final seal of approval, its own shelf. A little more psychology and a little less T cells would be welcome

    Many patients referred to a specialised hospital with chronic fatigue syndrome have embarked on a struggle. One of the principal functions of the thrapy at this stage is to allow the patient to call a halt without loss of faceThe patient should be told it is now time to pick up the pieces' and the process is a transfer of responsibility from the doctor to the patient"

    you may be smiling with disbelief at these comments, but then things start to take a nastier more aggressive tone

    Blaming symptoms on a viral infection conveys certain advantages, irrespective of its validity.It is also beneficial to self?esteem by protecting the individual from guilt and blame" ???

    So now we're actually to blame for being incurably ill?? And this man wonders why he gets negative mail from us ??

    Now, this last bit really was the last straw for me, ive had to walk away from a career in Music and Film, creative process, my dream job, but Wessely sticks the knife in with this next quote ;

    Validation is needed from the doctor. Once that is granted, the patient may assume the privileges of the sick role sympathy, time off work, benefits etc

    I could go on and on, but i'll stop there. Im just to exhausted to continue the email, my arms are feeling like zepplins, my head is banging like a drum, my whole upper body is aching as if ive been lifting weights all day, i have cramping in my belly and im not breathing so well, but im sure its all in my mind ... (im too tired to even write good sarcasim).

  2. Enid

    Enid Senior Member

    Yes he has some choice ones over his years of mis-diagnosis of ME - could fill a book - little wonder it all elicits everthing from sound scientific attempts to correct to anger by ME sufferers.
  3. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    It's great to be able to get references/links for these sorts of things. Wessely comes out with some quacky stuff, but he does sometimes get taken out of context too, so it can be difficult to know which quotes it's fair to condemn him for.

    I was compiling a list of stuff like this with all the sources attached, but my PC broke, and I've not had the heart to start again. Ta Andrew.
  4. AndrewB

    AndrewB Senior Member

    England, UK
    Hi Esther, all those above quotes are taken from www.meactionuk.org.uk/magical-medicine.pdf and are all varified by source in there.
    Now before falling ill last year id never heard of ME/CFS. I was working in a dream job, i was healthy and enjoying life, but wessely seems
    to think its apt to call us all, and thus me as an individual, as someone looking for "sympathy, time off work, benefits".
    Due to this illness i now cannot 'work', and will need 'benefits' after my savings run out. As for sympathy, i think "understanding" is what we are all
    after, and thats something he isnt likely to provide with his mind set.
    I, as a fairly intelligent person, just dont believe that wessely has read all the evidence and STILL arrives at the destination in his mind that we
    are all suffering from "mass hysteria". I personally belive he, and the UK govenment ate committing a wilful act of mass neglect and it is surely
    illigal ?

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