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Are we not giving MTRR/MTR mutations enough attention???

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by cobain_justinsane, May 11, 2015.

  1. cobain_justinsane


    There has been some speculation on the forums that MTRR/MTR mutations are more important than some of are giving them credit for.

    Perhaps they are a major contributor to B12 deficiencies and a large need for the active B12 supplementation.

    I have observed that some on the forum can not tolerate methylfolate without taking high doses of methyl B12, possibly because of a methyl trap due to MTRR/MTR mutations?

    Any thought, opinions or experiences?
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  2. PeterPositive

    PeterPositive Senior Member

    The problem with these mutations, as far as I understand it, is that they may play different roles for people with no particular stressors (e.g. good health, no specific external or internal stressors) vs chronically ill subjects.

    They may become relevant when those stressors gets activated, due to prolonged emotional stress, bad diet or lifestyle, infections, toxicity etc...

    I have the so called "double-whammy" MTR/MTRR combination and have had some luck with active B12 and folate, but as for many people here, there are highs and lows.

    These days I am not focusing very much on genes, although I still think the 23andme was somewhat helpful for a couple of problems.
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  3. Sherpa

    Sherpa Ex-workaholic adrenaline junkie

    I'm MTR/MTRR +/+ and I am convinced these mutation played a major part in creating lifelong nutrient deficiencies & resultant depression. Not knowing why I was depressed, I took up all kinds of 'stimulating' activities -- such as recreational drug use and excessive exercise - that created major oxidative stress and damage to me... leading to CFS.

    B12 & folate supplemention goes a long way towards improving my mental state.

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