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I should note at the outset that this review is based on an audio version of the galleys and the epilogue from the finished work. Julie Rehmeyer sent me the final version as a PDF, but for some reason my text to voice software (Kurzweil) had issues with it. I understand that it is...
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Are we are all casualties of a synthetic environment?

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by Yungas, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Yungas


    After suffering from M.E for many years and methodically improving my condition, I have come to a few conclusions I would like to share.

    The universe according to physics is based on cause and effect, causality.
    When it comes to health however this logic is seldom applied.
    As we know the conventional medical institutions do not treat the cause, but the effects, of a disease.
    In my search for a cause I have come to the conclusion that, like cancer, there is not one cause of M.E

    Who among us has never taken pharmaceutical drugs, has never received a vaccination, has never been given mercury tooth fillings, has not eaten processed foods for a sustained period, has not followed the diet advocated by the NHS and other medical professionals? All of the above are the products of corporate enterprise's that serve to generate currency for said enterprise's, not the health of the public.
    This has left a mass of casualties in its wake.

    And what of the other toxins in the environment, the polluted air, chemically "enhanced" water, toxic beauty products and sun creams, artificial electromagnetic radiation, radio waves, pesticides, chemical food additives, microwaves, and endocrine disrupting chemicals in plastics, pharmaceutical pills and synthetic supplements?

    The biology of the human is irrefutably under attack.
    Is the origin of modern disease such a mystery?

    Perhaps the best example of widespread misinformation and misconduct by health authorities in modern society relates to our diet.

    Almost all modern disease's begin in the gut, or are related to the gut, the same is true for M.E.
    The modern diet, now far removed from the diet of our ancestors, is making us sick.
    As an example, widespread obesity is a recent phenomena.

    The BBC, NHS and FDA will tell us it is because obese people don't exercise and they eat saturated fat.
    However these institutions are merely arms of mega corporations who stand to make money from the sale of grain and polyunsaturated vegetable oils.
    This is why saturated fat is demonized while grain is promoted as a super hero for your heart and digestive system.
    The FDA food pyramid tells us to base our diet on breads, bagels and breakfast cereal. The NHS and other conventional medical professionals, submissive to the corporations, follow suite.

    Natural saturated fats such as those contained in meat, butter, eggs, dairy, and coconut oil are healthy for the endocrine system and metabolism, subsequently promoting a lean physique. Refined polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as corn, sunflower and canola wreak havoc on our digestive and endocrine system, slowing our metabolism.
    Combining this with a diet high in grain is a recipe for obesity and many other modern disease including cancer. Adding to this the oxidative stress from the conventionally recommended intense cardiovascular exercise is slow suicide (or not so slow in many cases).

    M.E, like all modern disease, is the product of modern society.


    Can poor diet cause M.E?

    Yes, poor diet effects us on a biochemical level and can cause M.E.

    Can chemical and environmental toxins cause M.E?

    Yes, chemical and environmental toxins effect us on a biochemical level and can cause M.E.

    Can childhood abuse and trauma cause M.E?

    Yes, childhood abuse and trauma effects us on a biochemical level and can cause M.E.

    Can toxic beliefs and thought patterns cause M.E?

    Yes, toxic beliefs and thought patterns effect us on a biochemical level and can cause M.E.

    M.E can be caused by many environmental stress factors (including viruses), this is why we have so many levels of symptoms, some of us are bedridden, while some only have mild symptoms.


    Releasing Toxins.

    This post is not meant to address specific healing protocols as we all have a specific cause or group of causes at the root of our ailments, we will instead address general toxicity.

    All M.E patients are toxic on some level.

    I believe all patients can heal a good percentage of their condition by improving their environment, which in turn improves the internal environment of the organism, allowing it to more successfully heal itself of all ailments.

    Here are some general guidelines most of us can follow without too much difficulty:

    - Avoid all processed foods including all chemical additives, microwaves, tins.

    - Avoid white sugar, use honey or maple syrup instead.

    - Use "maldon" sea salt, which is unrefined and contains many minerals that assist in the cleansing of toxins

    - Avoid or minimize grains, especially wheat which has been hybridized for maximum yeild and contains altered proteins. Grains contain many phyto-toxins, anti nutrients, and hard to digest fibre which damages the GI tract.

    - Help restore gut flora by eating natural yogurts and sauerkraut.

    - Eat lots of organic free range eggs and grass fed butter, they are easy to digest, packed with nutrition and heal the G.I tract.

    - Just as we must avoid junk for the stomach, we must avoid junk for the eyes and ears, turn off the T.V

    - Get plenty of direct sunlight, the conventional medical professional tells us to avoid sunlight, however they are full of shit. The doctors wont tell you that vitamin D is actually a hormone, and regulates the entire digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, and sexual system of the human. Don't use suncream as it is toxic, instead use coconut oil.

    - Get rid of any mercury fillings, don't go to a regular dentist as they will crudely excavate the metal and it will leak everywhere, go to a specialist.

    - Avoid all vaccines, they can ruin the healthiest of immune systems.

    - Avoid all drugs except in emergency situations, they will eventually cause imbalance and weakness in the body.

    - Use herbs, they interface harmoniously with the body to help us heal. The most powerful healing herb on the planet is the herb known as "cannabis". This herb is made illegal by major corporations who do not wish the secular citizen to access higher states of awareness and healing. Some of us will find vast healing and relief from this herb especially due to its harmonizing effect on the digestive system, inflammatory response, and cognitive faculty.

    - Do not masturbate, especially if you are a man, this weakens the body.

    - Hold positive thoughts and emotion, this does effect the biology of the organism

    - Understand change will come, healing will take place, and disease is just a learning process, we are on earth to learn.

    I hope this helps some of you out.
  2. Yes, this is true, but only if you also have methylation cycle genetic mutations which slow your ability to utilize folic acid and B12 - affecting hundreds of processes in the body.

    So there is not one thing, per se, which causes it, but there is one process. These modern diseases are known as multifactorial diseases. So you have to have methylation cycle mutations + viruses, toxins and/or stress in amounts large enough to overwhelm your body's particular defenses and you will become sick.

    Unfortunately, once we become sick, we're stuck in a vicious cycle and it's very difficult to climb back out to health. Things that might help a somewhat run down or fatigued, but otherwise normal person, won't necessarily help us. In fact, they might even be harmful.

    See Rich Van Konynenburg's research for more details on how we get sick and how to fix it:
  3. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    It's a bit too general to be of help. Some of it sounds very religious like not masterbating, being on earth to learn and emotional things.

    If someone has FM there is a lot of work to change their lifestyle. It's bad enough having a disease without being given a whole lot of unproven "stuff" to do to get well again.

    Even after doing all of this there is no guarantee that the person with FM would be well.

    I've tried a lot of stuff on that list and found that it didn't make any difference.

    Seen a lot of damage caused to people by using canabis.

    I've achieved better results to my health using drugs than any lifestyle change I've made.

    This type of post could possibly put more stress on people already suffering and in pain.
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  4. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

    I have to braodly agree with the original post - but also agree that it is a bit religious in tone. I do think that humans have wreaked environmental disaster on their own bodies and that the healthy eating message is not right. A lot of this is true. However, being that pure is not going to help everyone - tried it!

    I also don't agree that CFS/M.E = Fibromyalgia, i definately dont have fibromyalgia as i dont have the intense pain asscoiated with this condition, my condition is far more immune and neurologicl and i think the term M.E fits this well.
    As for not masturbating - i agree to much loss of semen for men has been implicated as draining of energy, but i dont believe moderate release is at all harmful - in fact could be beneficial. And for Women - well no harm their at all i dont think!

    Not keen on your new age 'beliefs' bit, this hasnt worked for me either (and in the past i tried it a lot) recent work in this area seems to be showing that a positive attitude makes no difference to disease outcomes and that all those in the 80's and 90's who claimed it did where way off. The well known psychologist and author Viktor Frankel writes about why some people survive, whilst others do not in hsi book abpout his experiences in a concentration camp in the second world war. He concludes that as long as people can find a meaning to theri lives and something to live for, they survive terrible things. Not wether they felt up beat about it all, but if they had a meaning. We are meaning making machines, and for some of us, ill for many years we have had to construct meaning in our lives, in order to carry on. For me, i have children and i could never leave them without a mother - this gives me courage and determination to carry on.

    sorry gone a bit off topic now - but i just cant stand happy clappy false positivity - i dont think it helps us at all and veers your very good argument about chemical bombardment off down a wrong track.

    All the best, Justy.
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  5. Yungas


    Hi nice post I will check out the link.

    These are proven things that help restore the body to equilibrium which in turn improves our natural ability to cleanse toxins, all M.E patients are toxic.

    None of it is religious, it is all based on human biology.

    For example ejaculation depletes mineral and nutrients from the body, remember it must contain the energy necessary for conception, the female also loses oils when she masturbates. For healthy people this is ok but it is different for someone wishing to have maximum body resources such as the sick.

    Our conscious thoughts do effect the biology, for example lying in bed thinking of a dangerous situation can initiate a flight or fight response in the central nervous system, releasing adrenalin and other powerful hormones.
    Our body interprets thoughts as signals and acts upon them.

    I should of mentioned about cannabis - most of it at least in the u.k has been altered by the synthetic indoor environment, mass hybridization and chemicals, do not use this cannabis as the ratio of phyto compounds has been altered.

    We must use sun grown herbs as the healing power comes from the sun. This is not to say people cant find relief with commercial weed, just to say that it is inferior and may cause in-balance within the body as a result of its altered chemical profile.

    I understand your suspicion of my last quote about we are on earth to learn, it must be taken in context, it is not to say
    that we are ill because we need to learn, it is to stimulate us to think in terms of causality.
    Looking at things differently, gaining the positive out of a negative situation.

    Hi thanks for your post and I generally agree, I am unsure about terms for chronic fatigue.
    I did not mean to come off as happy clappy or new age, like I said before our conscious thoughts do effect our biology.
    Am I saying we should meditate and drink green tea and expect to feel fine in the morning? Hell no, these are guideline's for general health that the conventional medical professional has denied us.
    I believe the majority of M.E patients can improve their condition by improving their environment.

    Modern disease largely sprouted post WW2, after the introduction of chemical pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other by- products of the petrochemical industry. The human is being poisoned yet the medical authorities overlook this fact in favor of prescribing drugs, which generates money for whom? The petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is a viscous cycle fueled by our disease.
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  6. Tito

    Tito Senior Member

    It is the 'positive-healthy-living' bashing again... putting the blame on the patient again because they listen to junk, they eat a molecule they should not, they masturbate, they do not think positively enough, etc. If it was that simple, how come so many of us have been ill for decades despite following these guidelines? How does it explain 5-year olds develop that illness? Personally I am tired of the 'you-just-have-to'. I cannot imagine anything more demeaning than that. And I'm even more tired of the amalgamation between ME/CFS and fibromyalgia and whatever crosses the mind.
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  7. Tito

    Tito Senior Member

  8. Yungas


    You seem to have missed the point, do you think a synthetic lifestyle is more conducive to health than a natural one?
    Do you not think disease has a cause?
    There is no blame, only causality. A five year old can only become ill due to a quantifiable cause, nothing else.
    I never emphasized the positive thinking angle, I merely mentioned that thoughts effect the biology, this is a scientific fact.

    As an example, toxic metals in the environment such as mercury are a cause of chronic fatigue in the human among other degenerative diseases. These metals are by products of man made industrial emissions, such as large scale coal burning.
    Our body can only detoxify these poisonous substances from our system via healthy gut flora.
    Junk food and pharmaceutical drugs, especially antibiotics, destroy our gut flora, rendering our body incapable of cleansing the toxins.

    I do not wish to wait for drug dealers to invent a cure for my disease, this is lame and submissive.
    I wish to address causality.
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  9. Difference between the names CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia:

    ME is the original name of the disease and is used in the UK and internationally. CFS is a newer name for the same disease constructed by the US government health agency, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for political purposes, aka, to downplay the seriousness of the disease to aid in denying disability insurance claims. Patients hate the name CFS for many reasons, but they can't really change the name without some significant research showing a cause. So lately they have taken to calling the disease ME/CFS to call attention to the fact that it used to be called ME and that ME and CFS are one and the same.

    There is additional confusion in the UK where they have taken the name CFS and invented a new psychological disease wherein the patient is seen as perfectly physically healthy except for they're afraid to exercise and that's the reason they have fatigue. For this reason, many patients in the UK call the disease ME and nothing else. CFS does not have the same meaning in the US.

    The main symptom of ME/CFS is significant fatigue not relieved by rest which persists for 6 months on longer. Persons who exercise will feel worse, not better and may take days to recover.

    Fibromyalgia is a pain syndrome. The main symptom is significant pain. Many patients use significant doses of painkillers to maintain a semi-functioning level. While there are some overlapping symptoms with ME/CFS, a person with FM may actually be able to exercise and get improvement.

    Some people, unfortunately, have both ME/CFS and FM, which pretty much leaves them up a creek without a paddle.
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  10. Yungas


    Thanks for clearing that up caledonia, I guess what I am referring to is essentially M.E, which has pain but rather than a sharp pain it is more a bruised pain in the limbs or like the veins are made of carpet and the blood is made of molasses, with dizziness, weakness and the rest.

    I have now edited my original post to swap the word fibromyalgia to M.E.
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  11. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Im with what caledonia said on this. Those ideas thou good ones tend to more so just help a person who's general health isnt too great be more healthy but unfortunately dont help at all most who have ME and may even be negative.

    There are only four things on that list which I dont do and Ive still got severe ME.
    I dont use seasalt (as my CFS specialist told me to use only iodinised salt)
    I dont smoke pot (that is actually proven to shrink the brain, so I'd think wouldnt in fact be a good thing for one with ME/CFS who already has brain issues)
    I do take drugs but only take them if they help my ME/CFS symptoms or actually are doing me good. To not take these.. would cause an actual worsening in my condition so I disagree with that part too that they should only be taken for emergencies.
    I do watch TV (in my case its DVDS) .. and it would actually be bad for me if I didnt.. If I didnt do that.. what else could I do?

    I cant be on my feet much at all during the day (cant even do things such as my own dishes due to that and get home help). I need to spend large parts of time laying down etc etc If I didnt watch TV daily.. Id be laying there bored out of my brain in bed and probably would end up depressed doing that as no one likes laying in bed for HOURS every single day and just looking at walls or I would be trying to be more active due to being bored which always has disasterous affects on me. Keeping myself occupied with laying or sitting activities during the day (TV is one of a few things I can often do).. helps me to avoid over exerting and crashes.

    TV also keeps me happy and stops me from thinking about my body, how sick I are and about all the things which I cant do. Its a great escape away from the illness. I do thou want to say that Ive been for several years without a tv at all during the time I had this illness (when I was very sick and bedridden long term.. I was too sick to watch it for 9mths.. I also didnt have a tv for a couple of years a while after that as mine broke, I was depressed during that time when I didnt have TV..soo bored with not much I could do)

    I already do every other thing on your list (eat yogurt daily, have no sugar at all etc etc etc) and the only thing all that stuff has helped is an insulin issue I have which is unconnected to the ME, none of those things have helped my ME (note.. Ive never had a mercury filling in my teeth in my life, Ive avoided some vaccinations even before ME .. Im anti vaccination for a very long time now and one of my children , now grown up..never even had a vaccination.. Myself I havent had a vaccination in the past 15 years except one tetnus shot when I trod on a rusty nail in the garden which i fertilise with horse poo which can carry tetnus so was a high risk situation).

    So yes I agree those things can improve health in some eg someone who is just maybe run down but with no disease, but they just do not seem to help much at all those who have ME. I think you may be confusing ME with just someone who is just unfit, with a bad diet and in poor general health, this illness is nothing like that at all.

    You seriously think that me just changing my salt, stopping watching tv so Im bored out of my wits, going off all my prescription drugs so Im getting more ME symptoms and just smoking pot instead is going to help me? (as I said I do all the rest already)
    hahaha I guess with the pot then I wouldnt feel bored with the no tv. i can then just lay in bed all day stoned out of my mind instead.
    Does pot help POTS? :whistle:

    ps.. I have actually had pot ONCE since ive had ME and it actually had a terrible affect for me, so terrible that Im never going to touch it again. I had a very abnormal reaction to some cookies a friend had made (he was fine).. I thought it was going to kill me as I went into severe breathing issues and thought I was going to stop breathing as my breathing got slower and slower till I was hardly breathing at al and very dizzyl..then I passed out suddenly and woke up 2-3 days later with no recollection of those days at all (my friend said I did get up and go to the loo during those days but I didnt even remember doing that).

    Very scary after coming around after all that thinking it had almost killed me, remembering how it felt thinking I was about to die, the fear I felt when I was in breathing difficulties (I was soo peaved off at my friend as he hadnt taken me to hospital and just left me on a bed all those days). It had NEVER done that to me on the occassions I'd smoked it or had dope cookies when I was healthy (I d never smoked much but did after a couple of relationship breakups while getting over them).

    BTW.. I dont like to that certainly isnt causing my ME. (most of us get too much hand pain and energy burn out in the hands when trying to do that.. repetitive movement can be very bad for ME.
    There is also an issue with the rush one gets when one climaxes.. many of us get sick with any kind of emotional extremes including with that (issue with adrenaline?). A third issue in ME is that many of us also go throu periods where we may loose feeling of parts of our body or get numbness so cant climax (that can happen purely due to ME even when someone isnt on any drugs like anti-depressants), fourthly.. many loose interest in that due to just being too tired.
    So I personally think those with severe ME or even many with moderate ME, would not be even masturbating due to the above reasons.
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  12. Yungas


    Hi taniaaust, you bring up some good points.

    Firstly, I must stress, although there is always a cause of disease, there is not one general cause for everyone's disease. The things I recommend to avoid are things that cumulatively damage and weaken the body making it less able to remove toxins and heal. The general list is composed of a few environmental factors we should all take into consideration, however it would be naive to assume that the list encompasses every possible cause of M.E.
    Having said that, I do think that vaccines have been the straw that broke the camels back in some cases of M.E and even more so in certain neuro degenerative disease.

    My original post was not written under the assumption I had "a cure", but to encourage people to think in terms of causality rather than in terms of "a cure" in relation to their condition.

    Pot does not "shrink the brain", studies that claim so hold no real scientific weight and are nothing more than propaganda. The use of small numbers of test subjects, the dismissal of other possible causative factors, and ignorance of the self medicating hypothesis can facilitate a manufactured result of almost any numbers based medical study.

    Actually, marijuana promotes neurogenesis, which is the birth and growth of neurons, the opposite of brain shrinkage.
    It is therefore far more reasonable to postulate that people with brain damage, due to substances that actually cause neuro degeneration, such as heavy metals like mercury, will self medicate with pot.

    A similar phenomena was found with tobacco whereby scientists found an extraordinarily high percentage of schizophrenic patients were cigarette smokers. At first it was assumed that tobacco caused schizophrenia, however it was later found that tobacco had anti-schizophrenic properties, and the patients were simply self medicating.

    Your experience with pot sounds like you had way too much in one go, which is admittedly easy to do with pot edibles as certain phyto compounds, when previously cooked, are very strong once converted by the liver, its not nice to have too much of anything.

    Of course it is fine to watch movies. By recommending to turn off the TV, I was reffering to most mainstream programming and advertisements which are aimed at the dimwitted, and do not offer anything of substance to a mature human being. It is better to find a particular programme or film online rather than watch tv.

    You make an excellent point about emotional extremes, these are cumulatively detrimental to anyone.
    Ever notice the promotion of the exaggerated emotional response to the trivial, via television? Such topics perhaps span beyond the realm of this forum, tata for now.

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